The Denizan Icarus

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The Denizan Icarus
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Thalassian Cliffs
Starting NPC Daedalus
Requirements Capture Barnshe.pngBarnshe and show it to Daedalus
Reward TC003: Turbo Choreography

The Denizian Icarus is a side-quest started by talking to Daedalus on top of the Thalassian Cliffs. He will require you to find and catch a Barnshe. You get the TC003: Turbo Choreography from him. You will not lose the Barnshe you bring to him.


Speak with Daedalus in the Thalassian Cliffs.


  1. Show Daedalus your Tempedia
    • Just speak with Daedalus again to show him your Tempedia
  2. Daedalus (Thalassian Cliffs) needs a Barnshe.
    • With a Barnshe in your party return to Daedalus.
    • Select The following chat options when applicable:
      1. Barnshe, Fly over the water!
      2. Soar over Windward Fort!
      3. Climb as high as you can!