Refrigerated Vanishings

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Refrigerated Vanishings
Refrigerated Vanishings.png
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Miyako Village
Starting NPC Mayu
Requirements None
Reward Matter-Transfer Drone

Refrigerated Vanishings is a Side Quest.


Speak to Mayu in her home in Miyako Village.


  • Ask Miku about the disappearing fridge.
  • Ask around Neoedo about the vanished fridge.
  • Ask Satoko at the Neoedo izakaya.
  • Convince Satoko to let you test the teleporter!


Ask Miku about the disappearing fridge.[edit]

Speak to Miku. She's sitting at the table.

Ask around Neoedo about the vanished fridge.[edit]

Speak to the Confused Dude on the first floor (elevator button 1) of the apartment to the west of the Neoedo Temporium.

Ask Satoko at the Neoedo izakaya.[edit]

Travel northwest one building and speak to Satoko.

Convince Satoko to let you test the teleporter![edit]

The correct answers to her quiz are as follows:

  • Anak Volcano. (Top option)
  • The Cenote! (Bottom option)
  • The Kakama Cenote! (Middle option)
  • Upinzani, Kwea Uplands, Jino Gap, Vumbi. (Bottom Option)
  • Thalassian Cliffs... (Top Option)
  • Four! (Top Option)
  • The Mines of Mictlan... (Bottom Option)
  • ...Aguamarina Caves... (Bottom Option)
  • ... and Anak. (Top Option)



Mayu is annoyed that their fridge has vanished twice this week. They ask the player to speak to Miku, who was there the first time that the fridge disappeared.

Miku says that this problem started about a month ago. It was about the same time as when some scientists from the city wanted to test a device at the lake, though they were denied entry. Miku suggests that the player check in the city for similar occurrences to see if this phenomenon is local or general.

The player finds a very Confused Dude in an apartment in Neoedo that swears that a fridge appeared out of nowhere in his apartment. While the Confused Dude is not going to say no to some "free" food, he has no idea how the fridge appeared there. He suggests that you speak to his buddy Satoko, who works for Nanto Labs. Today is her day off, so she's probably having lunch at her favorite place.

Satoko is testing a prototype long distance matter-transfer device and needed something expendable to test it on. Turns out that Mayu is her mother-in-law and she decided to play a bit of a prank on her. The fridge was only a test, however, and Satoko wants to eventually teleport people. As the Archipelago has significant fluctuations in gravity and electromagnetic activity, Satoko needs someone to survey possible safe transfer points for the Matter-Transfer Drone. The player volunteers, but Satoko gives them a quiz to make sure that they are well traveled before handing over the Matter-Transfer Drone. Satoko then gives the player a quick tutorial of how to work the Matter-Transfer Drone.