Free Matthew

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Free Matthew
Quest Type Main
Previous Quests Shipwrecked in Tucma!
Next Quest ?
Starting Location Quetzal
Requirements Acid-Proof Surfboard
Reward ?

Free Matthew is a part of the main quest Shipwrecked in Tucma! and is received after defeating the Quetzal Dojo Master Yareni. Throughout the quest, the player assists Captain Koli and talks to Naolin. After freeing One-Eyed Matthew from the Prison of Quetzal, the Narwhal and its crew are one step closer to safety.


  • Talk to Matthew in the prison
  • Convince the Captain to liberate Matthew
  • Scout the isle in the northern Xolot Reservoir
  • Find the renegade guards in an island in Xolot
  • Bring the idol back to the Captain of Quetzal


The player begins by talking with One-Eyed Matthew in his cell at the Prison of Quetzal and then Captain Koli nearby. They then head to the Tucma surface and surf to the north-western corner of the Xolot Reservoir. They must first have attained the Acid-Proof Surfboard from the main quest Beached Narwhal. There, they fight Naolin. The player has unlimited attempts at winning this battle.

Upon defeat, the player must travel to the eastern side of the Reservoir and fight two bandits. Again, they must have the Acid-Proof Surfboard.

Tamers Temtem Reward
Renegade Guard Tental.png Lvl. 32 Granpah.png Lvl. 32 Capyre.png Lvl. 29 Sherald.png Lvl. 29 641 Pansun.png

Then can then return to Captain Koli at the Prison of Quetzal to free Matthew.



The player returns to the Prison of Quetzal where One-Eyed Matthew had helped them escape. Matthew remains in prison for assisting in their escape, even though Yareni has vouch for their innocence. The player confronts Captain Koli for Matthew's release. Because releasing a man who attacked the Guard would be a bad precedent, the Captain cannot release Matthew. Instead, if the player helps the Guard, Koli will in return release him. Some time ago, two guards decided to leave Quetzal and become surface bandits, but they took with them an ancient Tucmani icon, very important to Koli. He believes it is on an island in the northern Xolot Reservoir.

Surfing up to the island, the player surprisingly instead finds Naolin. He speaks to them cryptically, saying things such as "again we shall meet, but that is a page of another chapter." He also suggests ideas of one that looks like the player themselves. While looking for this one, the player also is looking for themselves without realizing it, for that one and the player are two sides of the same page, two edges of the same sword. What the one has been the player might have become, and what the player is growing into the one might yet reach. They will not only find Temtem or power, but also their own growth as a tamer and as a human. Naolin then tests the player in a Temtem battle.

After the player's victory, Naolin continues with mysterious language. He encourages them to have loyal friends, and then points the player way east to evil men who guard the icon taken from "a former brother-in-arms", which the player is after. He calls the icon a valueless old trinket, yet priceless to an old man whose heart aches for the departed. He finally bids the player farewell by saying they shall meet on another island to fight one crucial day--"you, me, and the other three."

The player sets off to find the guards-turned-bandits in the eastern reservoir. Upon arival, the renegade guards call the player a puppet of Captain Koli. After a duel, the guards hand over the trinket and dissapear. The player delivers it to Koli at the Prison, who says it was ages ago when he last saw it. He frees Matthew. He thanks the player and then returns to the Narwhal to help Captain Adia Turay.


It's not actually necessary to talk to Matthew as the quest log suggests; you can start directly with Captain Koli.