Sharp Stabs

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Sharp Stabs
Like winter in the Kilima peaks, this blizzard of sharp shards is as fast as piercing.
Technique Details
Type Crystal
Class Physical
Damage 76
STA Cost 17
Hold 1
Priority 3_High
Targeting Single Other Target

Sharp Stabs is a Physical Crystal Technique.


Sharp Stabs deals damage to a single other target.


Level up[edit]

No. Temtem Level
#039 Lapinite.pngLapinite 15
#040 Azuroc.pngAzuroc 15
#041 Zenoreth.pngZenoreth 15
#050 Valash.pngValash 17
#054 Gyalis.pngGyalis 12
#075 Innki.pngInnki 44
#143 Koish (Crystal).pngKoish 52

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