Better Future: Ariadne

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Better Future: Ariadne
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Sillaro River
Starting NPC Ariadne
Requirements Lift key
Access to Kisiwa
Reward 1,000 Pansuns.png
Wild Savannah Dye Bundle

Better Future: Ariadne is a Side Quest. It's also a part of the larger side quest: A Better Future.


Speak with Ariadne at Pasiphaë's house in the south of the Sillaro River after starting the bigger side quest: A Better Future.


  • Find Ara in Omninesia and ask her to mentor Ariadne.
  • Return to Pasiphae's house and tell Ariadne.
  • Visit Ara and Ariadne in Kisiwa.'


Find Ara in Omninesia and ask her to mentor Ariadne[edit]

Speak to Ara on The Flywalk, she can be found painting by the house with Visesia.

Return to Pasiphae's house to tell Ariadne[edit]

Speak to Ariadne and you will receive 1,000Pansuns.png, then told to met her and Ara in Kisiwa.

Visit Ara and Ariadne in Kisiwa[edit]

Speak to Ara in Uhuru and you will receive the Wild Savannah Dye Bundle.




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