Mines of Mictlan

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Mines of Mictlan
Mines of Mictlan Map.JPG
The mother lode
Connected Areas Quetzal
Prison of Quetzal
Kakama Cenote
Island Tucma

The Mines of Mictlan are the biggest motherlode in Archipelago, producing ore and crystals for the Smith's Guild. It contains impressive Omninesian-made bridges, and the mines attract workers, tamers, and scientists alike. Some say the contents of the eastern side of the mines are extra-archipelagan.

After entering the Mines for the first time from the Prison of Quetzal as part of the Shipwrecked in Tucma! quest, Ocelotl will give you a squad of Temtem to use in his house. You get to permanently keep these Temtem.


The Mines of Mictlan consist of a mix of large cave areas where mining operations occur, and sturdy walkways that overlook massive chasms. Unlike in the Xolot Reservoir, all water in the mines is pure as a result of passing through many layers of soil. A massive crystal field covers the southeast corner of the map, which is of little interest to the miners, and above it to the far east are a series of ancient, well-worn worn stone steps. These steps lead to a section of cave that was largely cut off from the rest of the mine, due to a cave-in caused by explosions.

Points of Interest[edit]

Quetzal Prison[edit]

The prison holds prisoners of all types, but mainly surface-bandits. The guard, led by Captain Koli, uses this area as its headquarters. It also has a cafeteria.

Ocelotl's House[edit]

Ocelotl, a friend of the Narwhal Stowaway, shelters the player and can heal their Temtem.


  Area 1 (Density: Rare)
Mines of Mictlan area1.png
32 - 35
33 - 35
1 HP
33 - 37


Tamers Temtem Location Reward
Miner Capyre.png Lvl. 29Platox.png Lvl. 29

East of Ocelotl's house 148 Pansun.png
Oxomoco Granpah.png Lvl. 29Lapinite.png Lvl. 23Taifu.png Lvl. 23

Mining west of the walking Technologist 210 Pansun.png
Angry Miner Adoroboros.png Lvl. 38

Next to a minecart below the walking Technologist 150 Pansun.png
Clueless Guard and Helpless Guard Nidrasil.png Lvl. 27Mastione.png Lvl. 28Azuroc.png Lvl. 25Occlura.png Lvl. 25

Southwest of the small pool of water 549 Pansun.png
Yuritzi Granpah.png Lvl. 30Platypet.png Lvl. 30

First trainer on the path south of the Clueless and Helpless 128 Pansun.png
Lost Tourist Tateru.png Lvl. 26Mudrid.png Lvl. 26Babawa.png Lvl. 28Lapinite.png Lvl. 28

Southeast of Yuritzi 271 Pansun.png
Meya and Meya's Companion Piraniant.png Lvl. 34Platimous.png Lvl. 34

To the southwest of Xalli and Xalli's Companion 142 Pansun.png
Xalli and Xalli's Companion Mudrid.png Lvl. 30Mudrid.png Lvl. 30Valash.png Lvl. 28Valash.png Lvl. 28

To the northeast of Meya and Meya's Companion 532 Pansun.png
Crystal Temtem Fans Lapinite.png Lvl. 24Occlura.png Lvl. 24Azuroc.png Lvl. 30Myx.png Lvl. 32

Southeast of the crystal rock near Meya and Xalli 416 Pansun.png
Kin Vulcrane.png Lvl. 32Mastione.png Lvl. 32

North past the opening in the crystal surface field 158 Pansun.png
Eso Gyalis.png Lvl. 28Valash.png Lvl. 28

Mining northeast of Kin 172 Pansun.png
Off-Duty Smiths Loali.png Lvl. 29Barnshe.png Lvl. 26Deendre.png Lvl. 26Mushook.png Lvl. 26

Standing near crystals northwest of Eso 436 Pansun.png
Kuautli Tateru.png Lvl. 31Pigepic.png Lvl. 31

Mining at a wall in the lower area west of the Off-Duty Smiths 166 Pansun.png
Tucmani Curator* Taifu.png Lvl. 36Occlura.png Lvl. 36Paharo.png Lvl. 20Paharo.png Lvl. 20

In the middle area of the gypsum steps (most eastward area of the map) 289 Pansun.png
Chaneki and Chaneki's Companion* Saipat.png Lvl. 34Ukama.png Lvl. 34

116 Pansun.png
Iyali* Piraniant.png Lvl. 51

Mining at the southern wall in the area south of Chaneki and Chaneki's Companion 71 Pansun.png


  • 10x TemCard+ (In the middle of a circle of tracks to the right of Ocelotl's house)
  • 2x Super Scent (Below the Lost Tourist)
  • 2x Ether+ (Below the Lost Tourist)
  • 1x Full Restore (Right next to Meya and Meya's Companion)
  • 1x Revive (Right next to Meya and Meya's Companion)
  • 3x Antidote (Right next to Xalli and Xalli's Companion)
  • 3x Untrapper (Right next to Xalli and Xalli's Companion)
  • 1x TC011: Cage (At the very top of the crystal surface field)
  • 1x Vigor DNA Strand (To the left of the Temporium, at the top of the small crater next to Zazil and Kuautli)
  • 1x Incognito Hood (Given to you by the Stowaway)
  • 1x Anonymous Cloak (Given to you by the Stowaway)
  • 2x Scent (At the west corner of the area south of Chaneki and Chaneki's Companion)*
  • 1x Huge Crystal (At the southern wall above Iyali in the area south of Chaneki and Chaneki's Companion)*

Require skates


  • The Mines of Mictlan are likely named after Mictlān, the underworld in Aztec mythology.
  • In Nuzlocke mode it's important to pick up the 10x TemCard+ as otherwise you will lose out on your encounter for the area.