Amethyst Barrens

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Amethyst Barrens
Amethyst Barrens.png
Ruins entombed in crystal
Connected Areas Xolot Reservoir
Corrupted Badlands
Island Tucma

The Amethyst Barrens features an abandoned town seemingly destoyed by the very crystal which gives it it's name. The Airship Port here is still in use by pirates. The ruined town also features the Tucma Dojo Park. The Crystal Skates are required to fully explore this area.


Points of Interest[edit]

Dojo Park[edit]

The Tucmani Dojo Park is located here, where Clubs can compete with each other to gain control of it. Earning rewards from the competition, as well as from the offerings made by players unable to best the holographic fighters of their Dojo Warriors.


Tamers Temtem Location Reward
Captain Malika Tukai.png Lvl. 55Tulcan.png Lvl. 55Tuvine.png Lvl. 55Tuwire.png Lvl. 55Turoc.png Lvl. 55

Airship Dock (Crystal Skates required) 1311 Pansun.png


Amethyst Barrens Side Quests
Name Requirements Reward
The Hunt for Captain Malika Crystal Skates Ignoramus' Cloak


After you reacquire the Crystal Skates