The Highbelow?

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The Highbelow?
The Highbelow mail.png
Reflections of another Sphere?
Connected Areas Sacred Lake
Island Cipanku



Tamers Temtem Location Reward
Ilok Tortenite.png Lvl. 70Zenoreth.png Lvl. 70

380 Pansun.png
Ineray Volarend.png Lvl. 66Myx.png Lvl. 66Noxolotl.png Lvl. 66Shuine.png Lvl. 68

1338 Pansun.png
Inahit Mastione.png Lvl. 66Cerneaf.png Lvl. 66Granpah.png Lvl. 66Kinu.png Lvl. 69

1231 Pansun.png
Tareb Ukama.png Lvl. 65Platimous.png Lvl. 65

308 Pansun.png
Xam Zaobian.png Lvl. 55Raican.png Lvl. 55Nessla.png Lvl. 55LumaBarnshe.png Lvl. 63Tuvine.png Lvl. 67

1568 Pansun.png
Stowaway & Naolin Valash.png Lvl. 66Nidrasil.png Lvl. 68Raican.png Lvl. 66Sparzy.png Lvl. 68

1237 Pansun.png
Aisesiv Nidrasil.png Lvl. 60Babawa.png Lvl. 60Drakash.png Lvl. 60

458 Pansun.png
Aihpos Loali.png Lvl. 66Pigepic.png Lvl. 66Tukai.png Lvl. 68Oceara.png Lvl. 68

1283 Pansun.png
Ayasas Nessla.png Lvl. 65Grumper.png Lvl. 65Amphatyr.png Lvl. 70LumaZaobian.png Lvl. 70

1089 Pansun.png
Amatarihs Raignet.png Lvl. 550b10.png Lvl. 55Skunch.png Lvl. 57Golzy.png Lvl. 62Innki.png Lvl. 59

1263 Pansun.png
Miss Eittol Kalabyss.png Lvl. 67Pocus.png Lvl. 66Granpah.png Lvl. 66

736 Pansun.png
Dr. Ojimah Gazuma.png Lvl. 72Taifu.png Lvl. 72Saipat.png Lvl. 72

683 Pansun.png
Civilian Y Valiar.png Lvl. 70Zizare.png Lvl. 70Raican.png Lvl. 70Gazuma.png Lvl. 70

1299 Pansun.png
Onahreb Raignet.png Lvl. 70Rhoulder.png Lvl. 70

271 Pansun.png
Aral! & Aras! Wiplump.png Lvl. 50Loali.png Lvl. 50Saipat.png Lvl. 50Pigepic.png Lvl. 50

765 Pansun.png
Nitsuga Saku.png Lvl. 66Valash.png Lvl. 66

319 Pansun.png
Analtco Capyre.png Lvl. 70Saku.png Lvl. 70

377 Pansun.png
Wehttam the All-Seeing Raignet.png Lvl. 600b10.png Lvl. 61Golzy.png Lvl. 62Innki.png Lvl. 62

851 Pansun.png
Asum & Iriwar Raize.png Lvl. 62Mudrid.png Lvl. 62Akranox.png Lvl. 62Yowlar.png Lvl. 65Taifu.png Lvl. 62

1967 Pansun.png


  • Minimonolith (x1) (Northernmost part of the map, through torii gate 5)
  • Balm++ (x2) (left of Amatarihs, through torii gate 7)
  • Incubator Ticket (x1) (To the left of Dr. Ojimah, through torii gate 7)
  • Average Crystal (x2) (To the left of Civilian Y, through torii gate 7)
  • TemCard++ (x2) (Northwestern part of the central island, through torii gate 11)
  • Telomere Hack - HP (x1) (Northeastern area of the center island, through torii gate 11)
  • Telomere Hack - STA (x1) (Northeastern area of the center island, through torii gate 11)
  • TC036: Soil Steam (Western side of the center island, through torii gate 11)
  • Max Scent (x1) (To the right of Tareb, through torii gate 15)
  • TemCard++ (x1) (To the right of Tareb, through torii gate 15)
  • Huge Crystal (x1) (Down the cliff, through torii gate 16)
  • Growth Enhancer (x2) (left of Aisesiv, through torii gate 19)


  • Many of the NPCs here have names that are the reverse of their names in the main game (for example, Sophia is Aihpos here).