Sea-Queen's Aquarium

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Sea-Queen's Aquarium
Sea-Queen's Aquarium in-game.jpg
Like walking the Sillaro bottom!
Connected Areas Sillaro River
Island Deniz



  • All the Tamer battles in the Sea-Queen's Aquarium are optional.
Tamers Temtem Location Reward
Ndidi Mouflank.png Lvl. 26Osukan.png Lvl. 23

137 Pansun.png
Gustavo Pigepic.png Lvl. 24Skail.png Lvl. 24

154 Pansun.png
Maruja Paharac.png Lvl. 24Tuwai.png Lvl. 20Zephyruff.png Lvl. 20

165 Pansun.png
Cerecita Pewki.png Lvl. 17Paharo.png Lvl. 17

89 Pansun.png
Abundio Tateru.png Lvl. 30

61 Pansun.png
Kadioko Koish (Wind).png Lvl. 20Koish (Electric).png Lvl. 20Koish (Earth).png Lvl. 20Koish (Nature).png Lvl. 20

334 Pansun.png
Constança Platypet.png Lvl. 22Saipat.png Lvl. 23Nessla.png Lvl. 22

250 Pansun.png
Nathan Shaolite.png Lvl. 23Hocus.png Lvl. 24Broccorc.png Lvl. 23

198 Pansun.png



  • Sea-Queen's Aquarium is a Breeder Tier Route by Tutorxic, who pledged $6000 to the Kickstarter[1], and is also the breeder that created Pupoise and Loatle. Crema designed this aquarium based on the original idea Tutorxic had of a completely underwater tunnel, usually seen in aquariums. Due to technical limitations, this could not be achieved as originally requested and was redesigned with giant tanks of water on either side, and an upper floor made of walkways.[2]