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Temtem Radar
Temtem Radar.png
A radar specifically designed to find stronger and more unique specimens of the <Species> evolutionary line.
Category General
Subcategory Encounter Rate Boost
Usage Consumable
Tradeable No

Temtem Radar refers to a group of consumable General Items. There is both a regular and Umbra radar for each each unevolved Temtem. Using the radar causes those Temtem to appear in the overworld, and increases the odds of them being Luma or Umbra variants. The regular radar additionally guarantees the Temtem to spawn with a minimum SV of 20 in each stat, however the Umbra radar does not.


Each radar tracks a specific Temtem, indicated on the item icon and in the description. Only one may be active at any point in time. Using the item will consume it and begin the radar.

Starting a radar causes a meter to appear to the left of the minimap. This displays the current chain, an image of the current Temtem being hunted, and the current chain reward (minimum SVs of 20 and increased Luma chance for Temtem Radars, Umbra chance for Umbra Radars). The player being in or close to the grass patch where the radar Temtem naturally spawns activates a visual cue in the form of a blue hexagon blinking around the tracker image of the Temtem. A radar deactivates in any area that does not naturally spawn Temtem being tracked, and will reactivate and resume chaining upon re-entering the natural habitat of the tracked Temtem.

The radar does not activate for featured Temtem of the week at Saipark, but does for its native spawns. An active radar causes the target Temtem to spawn in the Overworld, the model of which can represent either a solo or double encounter. Running into an Overworld spawn engages in a radar Encounter. Completing this encounter increases the radar counter by the number of Temtem in the encounter.

Certain conditions may break the chain and will break the radar (see Breaking the Chain below).

Releasing a tamed, traded, or hatched Temtem while the radar is active does not affect the radar in chain. Encounters against NPCs, Dojo rematches, and any form of PVP also do not affect the radar. Items that affect appearances of wild encounters such as pheromones or scents also do not affect the radar.

Radar Encounters[edit]

Umbra Radar
Umbra Radar.png
A radar specifically designed to find Umbra specimens of the <Species> evolutionary line.
Category General
Subcategory Encounter Rate Boost
Usage Consumable
Tradeable No

While a Temtem Radar is active, Temtem of the targeted species will appear in the Overworld near their spawn zones and approaching them will trigger a special radar encounter. Certain Temtem that cannot appear in the Overworld in their spawn areas (such as Droply in water) will appear as clouds of dust.

The rate at which radar tracked Temtem spawn in the Overworld is the same no matter the location, as long as the Temtem has a chance of appearing in that area naturally.

Radar encounter Temtem will always be the unevolved form and initially appear at the levels found in that area and progressively increase as the radar chain increases. The levels of the Temtem will continue to increase to the player's "Tamer Level" minus 1 at the conclusion of the 300 radar encounters (e.g. if the highest level the Tamer has trained a Temtem to is 80, the radar Temtem will increase up to a cap of level 79).

Radar encounter Temtem have their level, stats, and Luma or Umbra status generated upon first appearance in the overworld and cannot be re-rolled. Should a player leave the spawn area or logoff, returning will respawn the same Temtem.

Note: If a Luma or Umbra Temtem were to spawn as the first Temtem of a radar encounter, the Overworld Temtem would also appear as a Luma or Umbra (or a distinctly coloured dust cloud, if on the water).


Radars allow for the chaining of radar encounters. Current chain progress is displayed on the radar HUD next to the minimap. Defeating or capturing a Temtem in a radar encounter will continue and cumulatively increase the chain.

Chaining has the following benefits to radar encounter Temtem:

Chain Length Luma icon.png Luma Rate Umbra icon.png Umbra Rate
0 x1 x10
100 x5 x50
200 x10 x100


To calculate the odds of encountering at least one Luma or Umbra in a radar (or any other number of encounters), multiply together the odds that each encounter is not one and then subtract the resulting decimal from 1 (or subtract the resulting percentage from 100%). Having subtracted the chance of not finding a Luma or Umbra, the result is the chance of finding at least one. A common mistake is to add together the chances of each encounter being a Luma or Umbra, but this gives the wrong result because each encounter is an independent random chance and no number of encounters adds up to a 100% chance of success.

Odds of a Luma/Umbra from a radar =

Odds of a Luma in 300 regular encounters =

Odds of an Umbra in 300 regular encounters =

Note that the regular Umbra odds are not simply a tenth of the regular Luma odds, so the results round differently.

Breaking The Chain[edit]

A radar chain may break under certain conditions. Breaking the chain removes all overworld radar encounter spawns, and breaks the radar.

A Chain breaks if any of the following occur:

  • Running from a radar encounter
  • Capturing/defeating a Temtem of a different evolutionary line (which will only appear in non-radar encounters)
  • The chain reaches 300 encounters
  • Your last Temtem is knocked-out and you Blackout

Any competitive or NPC Tamer battle (including Lairs and all activites in Tamer's Paradise) will not break a radar.

Radar Co-ops[edit]

Players may co-op to share and complete the radar together at any point. Attempting to initiate a co-op session with a Luma or Umbra Temtem in the Overworld will cause the game to ask the radar holder if they wish to reset all Overworld encounter spawns while keeping the current chain intact, or cancel the co-op session to maintain the current Overworld spawn of Luma or Umbra Temtem.



Temtem Radars are only obtainable by buying them in Tamer's Paradise using Feathers, whereas Umbra Radars are only obtainable by buying them in Nanto Labs using Luma Drops. A table for costs is detailed below.

Species Temtem Radar Buy price Temtem Radar Sell price Umbra Radar Buy price
Radar Box.png Radar Box 300Feathers.png 150Feathers.png -LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Mimit 1,000Feathers.png 500Feathers.png 1,125LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Oree 360Feathers.png 180Feathers.png 590LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Chromeon 440Feathers.png 220Feathers.png 675LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Halzhi 360Feathers.png 180Feathers.png 590LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Platypet 160Feathers.png 80Feathers.png 340LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Swali 200Feathers.png 100Feathers.png 375LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Tateru 200Feathers.png 100Feathers.png 375LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Gharunder 800Feathers.png 400Feathers.png 1,500LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Mosu 200Feathers.png 100Feathers.png 375LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Paharo 80Feathers.png 40Feathers.png 260LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Ampling 200Feathers.png 100Feathers.png 375LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Bunbun 240Feathers.png 120Feathers.png 410LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Hidody 160Feathers.png 80Feathers.png 340LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Fomu 40Feathers.png 20Feathers.png 225LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Skail 200Feathers.png 100Feathers.png 375LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Goty 200Feathers.png 100Feathers.png 375LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Rhoulder 800Feathers.png 400Feathers.png 1,500LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Houchic 800Feathers.png 400Feathers.png 1,500LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Orphyll 240Feathers.png 120Feathers.png 410LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Banapi 320Feathers.png 160Feathers.png 490LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Lapinite 160Feathers.png 80Feathers.png 340LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Reval 200Feathers.png 100Feathers.png 375LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Bigu 360Feathers.png 180Feathers.png 590LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png 0b1 280Feathers.png 140Feathers.png 450LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Kaku 80Feathers.png 40Feathers.png 260LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Valash 760Feathers.png 380Feathers.png 1,275LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Towly 760Feathers.png 380Feathers.png 1,275LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Gyalis 760Feathers.png 380Feathers.png 1,275LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Occlura 360Feathers.png 180Feathers.png 590LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Raiber 440Feathers.png 220Feathers.png 675LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Pewki 40Feathers.png 20Feathers.png 225LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Scarawatt 40Feathers.png 20Feathers.png 225LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Hoglip 360Feathers.png 180Feathers.png 590LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Osuchi 240Feathers.png 120Feathers.png 410LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Saipat 40Feathers.png 20Feathers.png 225LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Pycko 520Feathers.png 260Feathers.png 825LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Crystle 800Feathers.png 400Feathers.png 1,500LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Innki 800Feathers.png 400Feathers.png 1,500LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Shaolite 120Feathers.png 60Feathers.png 300LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Cycrox 360Feathers.png 180Feathers.png 590LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Hocus 560Feathers.png 280Feathers.png 900LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Smolzy 440Feathers.png 220Feathers.png 675LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Mushi 320Feathers.png 160Feathers.png 490LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Magmis 200Feathers.png 100Feathers.png 375LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Umishi 120Feathers.png 60Feathers.png 300LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Galvanid 600Feathers.png 300Feathers.png 975LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Smazee 800Feathers.png 400Feathers.png 1,500LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Zizare 560Feathers.png 280Feathers.png 900LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Gorong 200Feathers.png 100Feathers.png 375LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Mitty 40Feathers.png 20Feathers.png 225LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Momo 440Feathers.png 220Feathers.png 675LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Kuri 200Feathers.png 100Feathers.png 375LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Spriole 80Feathers.png 40Feathers.png 260LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Toxolotl 40Feathers.png 20Feathers.png 225LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Blooze 440Feathers.png 220Feathers.png 675LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Zephyruff 80Feathers.png 40Feathers.png 260LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Grumvel 120Feathers.png 60Feathers.png 300LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Ganki 40Feathers.png 20Feathers.png 225LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Oceara 800Feathers.png 400Feathers.png 1,500LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Yowlar 800Feathers.png 400Feathers.png 1,500LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Droply 40Feathers.png 20Feathers.png 225LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Broccoblin 280Feathers.png 140Feathers.png 450LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Shuine 800Feathers.png 400Feathers.png 1,500LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Nessla 520Feathers.png 260Feathers.png 825LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Valiar 560Feathers.png 280Feathers.png 900LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Pupoise 760Feathers.png 380Feathers.png 1,275LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Kalazu 40Feathers.png 20Feathers.png 225LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Adoroboros 560Feathers.png 280Feathers.png 900LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Tuwai 800Feathers.png 400Feathers.png 1,500LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Kinu 800Feathers.png 400Feathers.png 1,500LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Vulvir 200Feathers.png 100Feathers.png 375LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Pigepic 40Feathers.png 20Feathers.png 225LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Akranox 240Feathers.png 120Feathers.png 410LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Koish 40Feathers.png 20Feathers.png 225LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Vulffy 240Feathers.png 120Feathers.png 410LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Chubee 360Feathers.png 180Feathers.png 590LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Mawtle 600Feathers.png 300Feathers.png 975LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Hazrat 120Feathers.png 60Feathers.png 300LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Minttle 240Feathers.png 120Feathers.png 410LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Maoala 240Feathers.png 120Feathers.png 410LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Venx 680Feathers.png 340Feathers.png 1,125LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Chimurian 600Feathers.png 300Feathers.png 975LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Arachnyte 600Feathers.png 300Feathers.png 975LumaDrop.png
RadarFolder.png Thaiko 680Feathers.png 340Feathers.png 1,125LumaDrop.png


Update History[edit]

  • Patch 1.6.2
    • Umbra Radar prices reduced for Bunbun and Hidody.
  • Patch 1.5.1
    • Umbra Radar prices reduced for Temtem with a 60% spawnrate in the wild (Oree, Halzhi, Bigu, Occlura, Hoglip, Cycrox, and Chubee).
  • Patch 1.5
    • Umbra Radars introduced.
  • Version 1.0
    • Encounters have been reduced from 400 ⇒ 300. All encounters will have a bonus of any sort, and all encounters can cause a radar to break, radars will no longer reset.
    • Radars will no longer spawn evolved forms.
    • All species will have the same spawn rate now, 100%.
    • Radars no longer expire, and can be done at any time.
    • Dojo Rematches no longer give Radars as a reward. Rewards can be obtained with Feathers at Tamer’s Paradise.
  • Early Access 0.7.2
    • 5% and 10% Radars have been removed from the reward pools of Dojo Rematches until we find them a better home.
  • Early Access 0.6.16
    • Rare radar Temtem now spawn faster, but the rare Temtem Radars have a lower chance of dropping from Dojo rematches.
  • Early Access 0.6.14
    • Particles added to make Temtem in the overworld obvious in crowded areas.
    • Radars can now be sold for 1,250Pansuns.png each.
  • Early Access 0.6.12
    • Introduced.