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Team equality! This equalizes all team members' STA with the team average and the whole team recovers 10% HP.
Technique Details
Type Neutral
Class Status
Damage 0
STA Cost 0
Hold 1
Priority 4_VeryHigh
Targeting Single Team

Cooperation is a Status Neutral Technique.


Cooperation takes a single team's current total STA, then evenly splits it between the team's combatants and heals 10% of their maximum HP.


Level up[edit]

No. Temtem Level
#012 Tateru.pngTateru 66
#036 Nidrasil.pngNidrasil 65
#046 0b1.png0b1 45
#047 0b10.png0b10 45
#076 Shaolite.pngShaolite 12
#077 Shaolant.pngShaolant 12
#088 Umishi.pngUmishi 10
#089 Ukama.pngUkama 10
#143 Koish (Neutral).pngKoish 69

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