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A stampede worth of the Kisiwan savanna. Damages the whole team.
Technique Details
Type Neutral
Class Physical
Damage 110
STA Cost 33
Hold 2
Priority 1_Low
Targeting Other Team or Ally
Synergy Details
Used in combination with an Earth ally, inflicts extra damage and Seized Condition seizes for 3 turns.
Synergy Earth
Damage 130
Effects 3 Turns Seized ConditionSeized

Stampede is a Physical Neutral Technique with an Earth Synergy.


Stampede deals damage to the rival team or the user's ally.

If used with an Earth ally, its damage increases to 125 and also inflicts the Seized ConditionSeized Condition for 3 turns.


Level up[edit]

No. Temtem Level
#015 Magmut.pngMagmut 66
#031 Rhoulder.pngRhoulder 47
#059 Raican.pngRaican 58
#143 Koish (Neutral).pngKoish 80
#148 Mawmense.pngMawmense 95
#151 Minox.pngMinox 48
#152 Minothor.pngMinothor 48
#163 Tyranak.pngTyranak 55

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