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Have a heart... of stone. It doesn't hurt much, but it leaves enemies Trapped Condition trapped for 2 turns, and overexerts them next turn.
Technique Details
Type Earth
Class Special
Damage 61
STA Cost 17
Hold 2
Priority 1_Low
Targeting Single Target

Petrify is a Special Earth Technique.


Petrify deals damage to a single target, inflicts Trapped ConditionTrapped Condition for 2 turns, and leaves the target overexerted next turn.


Level up[edit]

No. Temtem Level
#067 Osukan.pngOsukan 40
#068 Osukai.pngOsukai 40
#095 Zizare.pngZizare 31
#100 Kuri.pngKuri 47
#101 Kauren.pngKauren 47
#111 Grumvel.pngGrumvel 36
#112 Grumper.pngGrumper 36
#142 Akranox.pngAkranox 42

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