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Prevents the Poisoned Condition poisoned status condition and reduces damage taken from Toxic Techniques by 22%.
Impact Positive
Trigger Status Condition Applied
Effect Status Condition Prevented / Damage Taken Decreased

Mithridatism is a Status Condition and Damage affecting Trait.


Mithridatism protects the holder from being inflicted with the Poisoned ConditionPoisoned Condition, decreases damage taken from Toxic Techniques by 22%.


No. Temtem First Trait Second Trait
#010 Swali.png Swali Shared Pain Mithridatism
#048 Kaku.png Kaku Caffeinated Mithridatism
#103 Deendre.png Deendre Mithridatism Settling
#127 Kalazu.png Kalazu Mithridatism Hydrologist
#147 Mawtle.png Mawtle Mithridatism Body Stretch


  • Mithridatism is a practice involving gradually self-administering non-lethal amounts poison to build immunity.[1]

Update History[edit]

  • Patch 1.4
    • Regenerating turns has been reduced 1 ⇒ 0.
  • Patch 1.3
    • Damage reduction has been increased 20% ⇒ 22%.
    • New effect: Adds 1 turn of Regenerating after being the target of a Toxic Technique.
  • Early Access 0.8
  • Alpha 0.2
    • Introduced.