Body Stretch

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Body Stretch
When resting, restores 10% of max HP and gets Regenerated Condition regenerating for 1 turn.
Impact Positive
Trigger Resting
Effect Status Condition Applied

Body Stretch is a Status Condition applying Trait.


Body Stretch restores 10% of the holder's maximum HP and gifts the holder with the Regenerated ConditionRegenerated condition for 1 turn whenever they Rest.


No. Temtem First Trait Second Trait
#068 Osukai.png Osukai Sensei Body Stretch
#147 Mawtle.png Mawtle Mithridatism Body Stretch

Update History[edit]

  • Patch 1.2
    • Regenerated turns have been reduced 2 ⇒ 1.
    • It now heals 10% of the Temtem’s max HP.
  • Early Access 0.6
    • Introduced.