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Temtem was funded in part by a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign launched on 29 May 2018, with an initial goal of $70,000 USD, and ended on July 1st 2018.

Campaign Success[edit]

Within the first 24 hours, Crema had raised half of the funding goal. By June 3 - days after launching - the campaign was fully funded.

Stretch Goals[edit]

The following is a list of stretch goals and the date that they were met during the Kickstarter Campaign.

  • Nuzlocke Game Mode ($90,000) - 4 June
  • Arcade Bar ($120,000) - 5 June
  • New Mythical Temtem ($160,000) - 7 June
  • Mounts ($200,000) - 9 June
  • Temtem on Switch (also Xbox One & PS4) ($250,000) - 14 June
  • Replay System ($280,000) - 17 June
  • Clubs ($400,000) - 29 June
  • In-Game Tournaments ($500,000) - 1 July

Backer Rewards[edit]

As with most Kickstarter campaigns, pledging a certain amount during the length of the campaign came with some rewards. The following is a list of backer reward tiers that were available during the campaign (each tier received the rewards of the lower tiers as well).

Follower ($1)[edit]

  • Backer-exclusive updates
  • Pack of high-resolution wallpapers

Temtem Tamer ($20)[edit]

  • Early Access
  • Original Tamer Cap in-game cosmetic item (Kickstarter exclusive)
  • Access to the private backer group on Discord

Alpha Hero ($30)[edit]

  • Alpha access
  • Digital OST
  • Digital art book
  • Access to the Alpha Testers Discord group
  • Exclusive in-game title ("Alpha Hero")

Temtem Master ($40)[edit]

  • High-quality sticker pack (physical reward)
  • Ability to guarantee your character name before registration

Temtem Maniac ($60)[edit]

  • Pigepic plushie (physical reward)
  • Additional copy of the game
  • Backer Trophy in-game furniture item (Kickstarter exclusive)

Explorer ($100)[edit]

  • Printed cloth map (physical reward)
  • Emote Pack for in-game use (Kickstarter exclusive)
  • Exclusive in-game title ("Explorer")

Collector ($200)[edit]

  • Painted statue of a Temtem Tamer and Kinu (physical reward)
  • Third copy of the game
  • Exclusive in-game title ("Collector")

Founder ($350)[edit]

  • Starter Temtem in its Luma variation
  • Statue in the Founder's Hall
  • Exclusive in-game title ("Founder")

Guardian ($700)[edit]

  • All three starter Temtem in their Luma variations
  • Exclusive in-game title ("Guardian")

Villager ($1000) (limited to 20)[edit]

  • NPC with character name in the world
  • Exclusive in-game title ("Villager")

Artisan ($1600) (limited to 4)[edit]

  • Hand-painted and signed illustration (exclusive; physical reward)
  • Exclusive in-game title ("Artisan")

Dojo Disciple ($2500) (limited to 6)[edit]

  • Disciple within one of the Dojos with a Temtem squad of your choosing
  • Exclusive in-game title

Engineer ($3500) (limited to 5)[edit]

  • Help design a route including path, content, and name
  • Exclusive in-game title

Breeder ($6000) (limited to 5)[edit]

  • Design a Temtem
  • Exclusive in-game title


Purchasing Add-ons are a way of buying any additional physical reward without increasing the tier of your pledge. The following is a list of the add-ons available for purchase (prices include shipping).

  • Sticker Pack ($12)
  • Pigepic Plushie ($30)
  • Printed Cloth Map ($40)
  • Painted Statue ($100)

To purchase these add-ons, first press the 'Manage Your Pledge' button above. If you haven't pledged yet, choose your base pledge first. Then increase your pledge in the 'Pledge Amount' box by the total price of the add-ons you'd like to add. After the end of the Kickstarter campaign you will receive a survey asking you how you'd like to spend the add-on money assigned.

Why Kickstarter?[edit]

During the Kickstarter campaign, Crema talked a little bit about why they had chosen Kickstarter as their funding platform. Select portions of their statement follows.

Our company has been self-funded for almost 6 years while making our previous games, and now we have most of the funding for Temtem already on our arks. The Kickstarter will help just a bit on the financial side, but we especially want it for the community creation aspect. We really want to develop the game around the community and open the development.
We want our backers to be involved in the development, watch our day-to-day updates and provide feedback along the way. We plan to maintain an open development through our Discord server, especially with our Alpha Hero backers (and above) that will be testing the game from a very early stage and will help us shape the future of Temtem.
Lastly, since Temtem is very influenced by a well-known franchise, we aren't really sure how positive the public reception is going to be. Kickstarter allows us to show the game to the public and gather feedback early on. We want to expand the well-known franchise and add features requested by its users for years, but we need to see if there's enough interest in that before embarking on this massive adventure.