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Disambig.png This article is about the premium cosmetic store. For shops found in the world, see Shops.

The store is a global cosmetic store accessed through the menu where players can spend Novas Novas.png, or to a lesser extent, Feathers Feathers.png to purchase a selection of cosmetics and/or housing items that change daily or weekly.

Featured Items[edit]

Available Mar. 27, 2023 - Apr. 3, 2023

File:Hiya Fellas emote.png File:Ronin costume.png File:Viking braid.png
Hiya Fellas emote


Ronin costume


Viking braid


Possible Offerings[edit]




There are currently no housing layouts in the Store.

House Layout
Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
Wall Texture[edit]
House Wall Texture
Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
Blank Canvas wallpaper.png
Blank Canvas wallpaper 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Common
Deniz Driftwood wallpaper.png
Deniz Driftwood wallpaper 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Common
Red Pansunset wallpaper.png
Red Pansunset wallpaper 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Royal Seal wallpaper.png
Royal Seal wallpaper 900Feathers.png 450Novas.png Rare
Serene Days wallpaper.png
Serene Days wallpaper 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Serene Morning wallpaper.png
Serene Morning wallpaper 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Step-by-Step wallpaper.png
Step-by-Step wallpaper 900Feathers.png 450Novas.png Rare
Touch of Cream wallpaper.png
Touch of Cream wallpaper 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Common
Touch of Teal wallpaper.png
Touch of Teal wallpaper 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Common
Uneven Papyrus wallpaper.png
Uneven Papyrus wallpaper 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Wide skirting board.png
Wide skirting board ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Floor Texture[edit]
House Floor Texture
Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
Briçalienne flooring.png
Briçalienne flooring 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Common
Cedar zigzag flooring.png
Cedar zigzag flooring 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Common
Creaky Wood flooring.png
Creaky Wood flooring 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Common
Diamond blue-gray floor.png
Diamond blue-gray floor 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Intricate Tile flooring.png
Intricate Tile flooring 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Poolside Cool flooring.png
Poolside Cool flooring 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Poolside Swag flooring.png
Poolside Swag flooring 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Prasine Flotsam flooring.png
Prasine Flotsam flooring 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Common
Rural Tiles flooring.png
Rural Tiles flooring 900Feathers.png 450Novas.png Rare
Rustic Joinery flooring.png
Rustic Joinery flooring 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Straw Mat flooring.png
Straw Mat flooring 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Uneven Slabs flooring.png
Uneven Slabs flooring 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
White tiled flooring.png
White tiled flooring 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Wood highlights flooring.png
Wood highlights flooring 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Common
Natural Hues parquet.png
Natural Hues parquet 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Common


House Kitchen
Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
ASTEDEKØMË kitchen.png
ASTEDEKØMË Kitchen 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Blokiboi High fridge.png
Blokiboi High fridge 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Blokiboi White fridge.png
Blokiboi White fridge 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Cleaning Up table.png
Cleaning Up table 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Funky Corner table.png
Funky Corner table 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Funky Eatery table.png
Funky Eatery table 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Funky glasses table.png
Funky glasses table 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Homely Eatery table.png
Homely Eatery table 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Ice Ice Babawa fridge.png
Ice Ice Babawa fridge 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Snows of Kilima fridge.png
Snows of Kilima fridge 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Useful kitchen table.png
Useful kitchen table 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon


House Organizatioon
Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
Becalmed bookcase.png
Becalmed Bookcase 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Bookish Nook bookcase.png
Bookish Nook bookcase 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Bookshop-style bookcase.png
Bookshop-style bookcase 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Bookwave bookcase.png
Bookwave bookcase 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Clean Dishes shelf.png
Clean Dishes shelf 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Contemporary shelf.png
Contemporary shelf 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Cozy Reads bookcase.png
Cozy Reads bookcase 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Cutenesia bookcase.png
Cutenesia bookcase 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Empty Becalmed bookcase.png
Empty Becalmed bookcase 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Empty Bookwave bookcase.png
Empty Bookwave bookcase 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Gaming rig.png
Gaming rig 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Good Books shelf.png
Good Books shelf 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Good Porcelain shelf.png
Good Porcelain shelf 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Have Cuppa shelf.png
Have Cuppa shelf 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Leafy Family shelf.png
Leafy Family shelf 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Left Stick Down cabinet.png
Left Stick Down cabinet 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Pansunny Reads bookcase.png
Pansunny Reads bookcase 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Press Start cabinet.png
Press Start cabinet 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Rising Tide bookshelf.png
Rising Tide bookshelf 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Shelf-Care shelf.png
Shelf-Care shelf 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Spick & Span cupboard.png
Spick & Span cupboard 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Thrice Tidy cabinet.png
Thrice Tidy cabinet 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
TØXAKO wardrobe.png
TØXAKO wardrobe 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
TriNeat cupboard.png
TriNeat cupboard 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Unvarnished shelf.png
Unvarnished shelf 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Yummy Veggies shelf.png
Yummy Veggies shelf 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon


House Furniture
Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
3D Artist's desk.png
3D Artist's Desk 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Aduar Shore bunk bed.png
Aduar Shore Bunk Bed 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
AMIMIR double bed.png
AMIMIR double bed 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Amoeba table.png
Amoeba Table 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
ÅNDEMEKOMØ diner table.png
ÅNDEMEKOMØ diner table 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
ÅNDEMEPÖNGØ diner table.png
ÅNDEMEPÖNGØ diner table 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Antracite Art bunks.png
Antracite Art Bunks 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Big Boss' desk.png
Big Boss' desk 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Blue Eye table.png
Blue Eye table 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Bullseye! Assrest.png
Bullseye! Assrest 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Bullseye! chair.png
Bullseye! chair 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
CIESTÅKÄ double bed.png
CIESTÅKÄ double bed 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Classy Corner TV.png
Classy Corner TV 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Concept Artist's desk.png
Concept Artist's desk 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Cozy Corner Couch.png
Cozy Corner Couch 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Curvy TV stand.png
Curvy TV stand 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Diaphanous workstation.png
Diaphanous workstation 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Fierced cushioned bench.png
Fierced cushioned bench 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Game Designer's desk.png
Game Designer's desk 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Grandpa's Fave armchair.png
Grandpa's Fave armchair 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Graphic Designer's desk.png
Graphic Designer's desk 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Green Eye table.png
Green Eye table 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Jade Backside couch.png
Jade Backside couch 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Ligneous Corner bench.png
Ligneous Corner bench 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Long Shift desk.png
Long Shift desk 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Longer Shift desk.png
Longer Shift desk 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Nanga rustic stool.png
Nanga rustic stool 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Narrative Designer's desk.png
Narrative Designer's desk 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
New Classics bench.png
New Classics bench 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
New Wave office chair.png
New Wave office chair 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
ÖNDEMEZIENTØ diner table.png
ÖNDEMEZIENTØ diner table 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Overtime Chill desk.png
Overtime Chill desk 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Pass Out pouf.png
Pass Out pouf 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Play-Work table.png
Play/Work table 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Pool table.png
Pool table 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Epic
Producer's desk.png
Producer's desk 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Programmer's desk.png
Programmer's desk 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Relaxed cushioned bench.png
Relaxed cushioned bench 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Rose-Colored Dreams bunk.png
Rose-Colored Dreams bunk 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Rustic barrel table.png
Rustic barrel table 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
School's Cool single.png
School's Cool single 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
School's Out single.png
School's Out single 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Short Legs desk.png
Short Legs desk 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Short Nap pouf.png
Short Nap pouf 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
SuperSlumber double.png
SuperSlumber double 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Thrice Comfy cushion seat.png
Thrice Comfy cushion seat 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Velvety chaise longue.png
Velvety chaise longue 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Velvety couch.png
Velvety couch 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
WFH FTW desk.png
WFH FTW desk 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Workaholic's desk.png
Workaholic's desk 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Work-Play table.png
Work/Play table 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare


House Floor
Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
Blue Piggies carpet.png
Blue Piggies carpet 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Crimson+Scarlet carpet.png
Crimson+Scarlet carpet 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Cutting Corners carpet.png
Cutting Corners carpet 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Funky Dojo rug.png
Funky Dojo rug 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Prasine green rug.png
Prasine green rug 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Punchy small rug.png
Punchy small rug 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Triangle Lightning rug.png
Triangle Lightning rug 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Zigzag Lightning rug.png
Zigzag Lightning rug 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common


House Decorations
Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
Aguamarina Glow lamp.png
Aguamarina Glow lamp 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Airship schematics.png
Airship schematics 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Art Direction Moodboard.png
Art Direction Moodboard 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Basket of rugs.png
Basket of rugs 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Bin There basket.png
Bin There Basket 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Blue Sky window.png
Blue Sky window 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Broken sign.png
Broken sign 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Bucket o'books.png
Bucket o'books 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Chirpy Chip window.png
Chirpy Chip window 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Closed wicker basket.png
Closed wicker basket 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Clothes basket.png
Clothes basket 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Corky board.png
Corky board 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Covered basket.png
Covered basket 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Cute & Smart picture.png
Cute & Smart picture 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Epic
Do This Do That notes.png
Do This Do That notes 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Double Pansun lamp.png
Double Pansun lamp 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Electronic keyboard.png
Electronic keyboard 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Epig pigture.png
Epig pigture 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Epic
Funky ikebana.png
Funky ikebana 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Globos de fiesta de Kaku gordo.png
Globos de fiesta de Kaku gordo 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Grave Sounds boombox.png
Grave Sounds boombox 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
KAJAVÖVÄ screen.png
KAJAVÖVÄ screen 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Keyboard with score.png
Keyboard with score 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Kilima Dew alembic.png
Kilima Dew alembic 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Kisiwan drinks selection.png
Kisiwan drinks selection 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Kisiwan Vintage bottle.png
Kisiwan Vintage bottle 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Lava Glow window.png
Lava Glow window 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Lava Pyramid window.png
Lava Pyramid window 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Lava Tri window.png
Lava Tri window 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Let Me Snooze window.png
Let Me Snooze window 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Lux capacitor window.png
Lux capacitor window 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png common
Melee insignia.png
Melee insignia ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Mental insignia.png
Mental insignia ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Minimalist suitcase.png
Minimalist suitcase 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Mr. Bin basket.png
Mr. Bin basket 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Mrs. Grumvel.png
Mrs. Grumvel 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
NÜSEBENÄ window.png
NÜSEBENÄ window 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Notice board.png
Notice board 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Piglyric picture.png
Piglyric picture 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Epic
Rah-Rah Raiber picture.png
Rah-Rah Raiber picture 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Red recycling bin.png
Red recycling bin 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Sakuntainer 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Epic
SEBEPÖKO window.png
SEBEPÖKO window 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
SIELOASÜ window.png
SIELOASÜ window 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Simple wall calendar.png
Simple wall calendar 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Stuffed Pigepic.png
Stuffed Pigepic 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Epic
Stuffed Saku.png
Stuffed Saku 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Epic
Tasa tea urn.png
Tasa tea urn 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Teacher's Pet blackboard.png
Teacher's Pet blackboard 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Temcard mirror.png
Temcard mirror 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Tombstone boombox.png
Tombstone boombox 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Trapezoidal bag.png
Trapezoidal bag 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Turquesa Days red.png
Turquesa Days red 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Turquesa Days white.png
Turquesa Days white 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Turquesa Twilight lamp.png
Turquesa Twilight lamp 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Uncovered basket.png
Uncovered basket 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Underwater picture.png
Underwater picture 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Wall Whatchamacallit.png
Wall Whatchamacallit 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
WallCard lamp.png
WallCard lamp ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Wicker basket.png
Wicker basket 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Wraparound Glint lamp.png
Wraparound Glint lamp 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Yellow recycling bin.png
Yellow recycling bin 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Zadar Dawn with blinds.png
Zadar Dawn with blinds 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare


There are currently no interactable housing items in the Store.

House Interactables
Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity


Items in this section have not yet been determined which table the item belongs in.

House Decorations
Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
10 K Waitlist server.png
10 K Waitlist server 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Blocky Gift chest.png
Blocky Gift chest 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
KETEPINYAS treadmill.png
KETEPINYAS treadmill 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Lochburgian claymore.png
Lochburgian claymore ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Polka-dot chest.png
Polka-dot chest 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common
Punchbag ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Sword stand with sword.png
Sword stand with sword 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Uncommon
Sword stand, 3 swords.png
Sword stand, 3 swords 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Rare
Tucma Tortilla Breadbox.png
Tucma Tortilla Breadbox 100Feathers.png 50Novas.png Common


Image Name Novas Rarity
Candycar 1,600Novas.png Epic
Cerneaf Steed.png
Cernleaf Steed 1,600Novas.png Epic
Cloudjet 2,000Novas.png Legendary
Cybershuine Steed.png
Cybershuine Steed 2,000Novas.png Legendary
Golzy Carrier.png
Golzy Carrier 1,600Novas.png Epic
Gorong Steed.png
Gorong Steed 1,600Novas.png Epic
Granpah Steed.png
Granpah Steed 1,600Novas.png Epic
Grumvel Carrier.png
Grumvel Carrier 1,600Novas.png Epic
Momo Steed.png
Momo Steed 1,600Novas.png Epic
Noxolotl Steed.png
Noxolotl Steed 1,600Novas.png Epic
Oceara Steed.png
Oceara Steed 1,600Novas.png Epic
Osukai's Carrier.png
Osukai's Carrier 2,000Novas.png Legendary
Pewki Steed.png
Pewki Steed 1,600Novas.png Epic
Pigepic Carrier.png
Pigepic Carrier 1,600Novas.png Epic
Sherald Steed.png
Cherald Steed 1,600Novas.png Epic
Siege Engine Carrier.png
Siege Engine Carrier 2,000Novas.png Legendary
Tateru Steed.png
Tateru Steed 1,600Novas.png Epic
Turoc Steed.png
Turoc Steed 1,600Novas.png Epic
Valiar Steed.png
Valiar Steed 1,600Novas.png Epic
Volarend Steed.png
Volarend Steed 1,600Novas.png Epic


Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
Aguamarina Admirer 700Feathers.png 350Novas.png Rare
Aisha's Hearth Keeper 700Feathers.png 350Novas.png Rare
Arbury Undergrad 700Feathers.png 350Novas.png Rare
Barafu Snowboarder 700Feathers.png 350Novas.png Rare
Crack Rockhopper 700Feathers.png 350Novas.png Rare
Crema Corp Fan 700Feathers.png 350Novas.png Rare
Fishing Champion 700Feathers.png 350Novas.png Rare
Kilima Mountaineer 700Feathers.png 350Novas.png Rare
Miyako Priest 700Feathers.png 350Novas.png Rare
Narwhal Cabin boy/girl/folk* 700Feathers.png 350Novas.png Rare
Shard Worshipper 700Feathers.png 350Novas.png Rare
Sillaro Surferboi/gal/fok* 700Feathers.png 350Novas.png Rare
Son/Daughter/Offspring of Crystal* 700Feathers.png 350Novas.png Rare
Temtemologist 700Feathers.png 350Novas.png Rare
T&T Geek 700Feathers.png 350Novas.png Rare

*Title changes according to player character's pronouns


Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
50-50 holo.png
50/50 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Berserk Banapi holo.png
Berserk Banapi 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Epic
CALC'D holo.png
CALC'D 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Crestfallen Saku holo.png
Crestfallen Saku 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Epic
EZ holo.png
EZ 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Flamenco Koish holo.png
Flamenco Koish 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Epic
GIT GUD holo.png
GIT GUD 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Grumping Grumvel holo.png
Grumping Grumvel 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Epic
Hear No Evil holo.png
Hear No Evil 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Epic
IMBA holo.png
IMBA 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Lit Tateru holo.png
Lit Tateru - 300Novas.png Epic
NICE holo.png
NICE 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Okay Thaiko holo.png
Okay Thaiko 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Epic
OOPS! holo.png
OOPS! 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Pigepic's Back holo.png
Pigepic's Back 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Epic
Puzzled Blooze holo.png
Puzzled Blooze 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Epic
REKT holo.png
REKT 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Resolute Osuchi holo.png
Resolute Osuchi 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Epic
Saigasm holo.png
Saigasm 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Epic
See No Evil holo.png
See No Evil 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Epic
Sly Bunbun holo.png
Sly Bunbun 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Epic
Speak No Evil holo.png
Speak No Evil 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Epic
Surprised Taifu holo.png
Surprised Taifu 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Epic
Sus Paharo holo.png
Sus Paharo 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Epic
REKT holo.png
REKT 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
ZZZ holo.png
ZZZ 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare

Profile banners[edit]

Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
Airship banner.png
Airship banner 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Arena banner.png
Arena banner 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Belsoto Dummy banner.png
Belsoto Dummy banner 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Broccoblin banner.png
Broccoblin banner 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Cloudy banner.png
Cloudy banner 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Cybershuine banner.png
Cybershuine banner 2,000Feathers.png 1,000Novas.png Legendary
Drakash banner.png
Drakash banner 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Flowery banner.png
Flowery banner 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Forest banner.png
Forest banner 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Fruity banner.png
Fruity banner 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Ganki banner.png
Ganki banner 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Granpah banner.png
Granpah banner 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Hocus banner.png
Hocus banner 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Hot Wheels banner.png
Hot Wheels banner ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Kalabyss banner.png
Kalabyss banner 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Lapinite banner.png
Lapinite banner 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Mudrid banner.png
Mudrid banner ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Oree banner.png
Oree banner 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Osuchi banner.png
Osuchi banner 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Pansun banner.png
Pansun banner 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Pewki banner.png
Pewki banner 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Punchball banner.png
Punchball banner 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Radar banner.png
Radar banner 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Rampant banner.png
Rampant banner - 700Novas.png Epic
Smazee banner.png
Smazee banner 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Trophies&Medals banner.png
Trophies&Medals banner ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Tuwai banner.png
Tuwai banner 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Venmet banner.png
Venmet banner 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Venx banner.png
Venx banner 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic

Battle Intros[edit]

Battle Intros
Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
Less-than 3 pose.png
<3 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Alright! pose.png
Alright! 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Arms Akimbo pose.png
Arms Akimbo ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Bring It On! pose.png
Bring it on! 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Challenge Me!? pose.png
Challenge Me!? 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Classic Denizan Hand pose.png
Classic Denzian Hand 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Come An' Geddit pose.png
Come An' Geddit 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Don't Wanna Hear pose.png
Don't Wanna Hear 800Feathers.png 400Novas.png Epic
Don't Wanna See pose.png
Don't Wanna See 800Feathers.png 400Novas.png Epic
Don't Wanna Speak pose.png
Don't Wanna Speak 800Feathers.png 400Novas.png Epic
Double Thumbs Up pose.png
Double Thumbs Up 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Gonna party, Yo! pose.png
Gonna Party, Yo! 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Gun Fingers pose.png
Gun Fingers ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Heart Hands pose.png
Heart Hands ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Hello There! pose.png
Hello There! ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Kung Fu pose.png
Kung Fu ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
La La La pose.png
La La La ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Let's Roll, Yo! pose.png
Let's Roll, Yo! 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Live Long And Prosper pose.png
Live Long and Prosper 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Ready to Go! pose.png
Ready to Go! ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Talk To The Hand pose.png
Talk To The Hand 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
Thumbs Up pose.png
Thumbs Up 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare
U Must B Joking! pose.png
U Must B Joking! 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Rare


Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
Aaah I Give Up! emote.png
Aaah I Give Up! emote - 500Novas.png Rare
Aieeeeee!!!1 emote.png
Aieeeeee!!!1 emote 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Arissolan Latin dance.png
Arissolan Latin dance 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Ayy Lmao.png
Ayy Lmao - 700Novas.png Epic
Bend The Knee emote.png
Bend The Knee emote - 500Novas.png Rare
C-Pop Routine dance.png
C-Pop Routine dance 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Casting Fireball emote.png
Casting Fireball emote 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Cheer Tem Up emote.png
Cheer Tem Up emote 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Chemical Attack emote.png
Chemical Attack emote 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Cool Backflip emote.png
Cool Backflip emote 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Cry Me a River emote.png
Cry Me a River emote 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Dab Dabbler emote.png
Dab Dabbler emote ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Dastardly Plot emote.png
Dastardly Plot emote - 500Novas.png Rare
Digital Hacking emote.png
Digital Hacking emote 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Don't Have All Day emote.png
Don't Have All Day emote ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Dusting Hands emote.png
Dusting Hands emote ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Eh, Didn't Work emote.png
Eh, Didn't Work emote 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Eldritch Summoning emote.png
Eldritch Summoning emote 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
ElectroHammer emote.png
ElectroHammer emote 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
En Garde! emote.png
En Garde! emote - 700Novas.png Epic
Flor de sal.png
Flor de sal - 1,000Novas.png Legendary
Garden Watering emote.png
Garden Watering emote 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Get Staffed! emote.png
Get Staffed! emote - 700Novas.png Epic
Hear Ye emote.png
Hear Ye emote 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Hiya Fellas emote - 500Novas.png Rare
I Drink To That emote.png
I Drink To That - 700Novas.png Epic
Jot It Down emote.png
Jot It Down emote 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Kamehamehaven't emote.png
Kamehamehaven't emote 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Lasso emote.png
Lasso emote 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Magic Crystals emote.png
Magic Crystals emote 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Mic Drop emote - 700Novas.png Epic
Mind = Blown emote.png
Mind = Blown emote 2,000Feathers.png 1,000Novas.png Legendary
Nanga Disco dance.png
Nanga Disco dance 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
O Hai! emote.png
O Hai! emote 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Properton Ballet dance.png
Properton Ballet dance 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Quetzalian Line dance.png
Quetzalian Line dance 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Rain Dance emote.png
Rain Dance emote 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Rimshot! - 1,000Novas.png Legendary
Smazee Shuffle.png
Smazee Shuffle - 500Novas.png Rare
Sparzy Laugh.png
Sparzy Laugh - 500Novas.png Rare
Tectonic Blast emote.png
Tectonnic Blast emote 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
The Wave.png
The Wave - 500Novas.png Rare
The Windmaster emote.png
The Windmaster emote 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Triumph Trumpet emote.png
Triumph Trumpet emote - 700Novas.png Epic
Vumbi Tribal dance.png
Vumbi Tribal dance 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Wakey Wakey emote.png
Wakey Wakey emote 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
Woe Is Me emote.png
Woe Is Me emote 1,400Feathers.png 700Novas.png Epic
You Shall Not Pass emote.png
You Shall Not Pass emote - 1,000Novas.png Legendary

Temcard seals[edit]

Temcard seals
Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
Smile Seal.png
:) 3,000Feathers.png 1,500Novas.png Legendary
-1 Seal.png
#1 3,000Feathers.png 1,500Novas.png Legendary
50-50 Seal.png
50/50 2,400Feathers.png 1,200Novas.png Epic
Broken Mirror Seal.png
Broken Mirror 1,600Feathers.png 800Novas.png Rare
CALC'D Seal.png
CALC'D 2,400Feathers.png 1,200Novas.png Epic
Candyone Seal.png
Candyone - 1,200Novas.png Epic
EZ Seal.png
EZ 2,400Feathers.png 1,200Novas.png Epic
Flame Burst Seal.png
Flame Burst - 1,200Novas.png Epic
GamingStation Seal.png
GamingStation Seal 2,400Feathers.png 1,200Novas.png Epic
Geyser Seal.png
Geyser - 800Novas.png Rare
GIT GUD Seal.png
GIT GUD 2,400Feathers.png 1,200Novas.png Epic
Golden Seal.png
Golden 1,600Feathers.png 800Novas.png Rare
Groundbreaking Seal.png
Groundbreaking - 800Novas.png Rare
IMBA Seal.png
IMBA 2,400Feathers.png 1,200Novas.png Epic
Interrobush Seal.png
Interrobush 1,600Feathers.png 800Novas.png Rare
Keys of Rage Seal.png
Keys of Rage Seal 2,400Feathers.png 1,200Novas.png Epic
Laurel Wreath Seal.png
Laurel Wreath Seal ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Little Anak Seal.png
Little Anak 2,400Feathers.png 1,200Novas.png Epic
Lotsa Balls Seal.png
Lotsa Balls Seal 2,400Feathers.png 1,200Novas.png Epic
Magma Stinky Seal.png
Magma Stinky - 800Novas.png Rare
Materialize Seal.png
Materialize 2,400Feathers.png 1,200Novas.png Epic
Mictlan Memento Seal.png
Mictlan Memento 2,400Feathers.png 1,200Novas.png Epic
NICE Seal.png
NICE 2,400Feathers.png 1,200Novas.png Epic
Notice Me! Seal.png
Notice Me! - 800Novas.png Rare
Nova Galore Seal.png
Nova Galore Seal ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Olympic Seal.png
Olympic Seal 1,600Feathers.png 800Novas.png Rare
OOPS! Seal.png
OOPS! 2,400Feathers.png 1,200Novas.png Epic
Pansun Seal.png
Pansun - 1,200Novas.png Epic
Pop the Popcorn Seal.png
Pop the Popcorn Seal 1,600Feathers.png 800Novas.png Rare
Pyromance Seal.png
Pyromance 2,400Feathers.png 1,200Novas.png Epic
REKT Seal.png
REKT 2,400Feathers.png 1,200Novas.png Epic
Shuriken Storm Seal.png
Shuriken Storm Seal ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Tempestuous Seal.png
Tempestuous 1,600Feathers.png 800Novas.png Rare
Toxic Miasma - 800Novas.png Rare
TRUST Seal.png
TRUST 2,400Feathers.png 1,200Novas.png Epic
Wood Chopper Seal.png
Wood Chopper 1,600Feathers.png 800Novas.png Rare
ZZZ Seal.png
ZZZ 2,400Feathers.png 1,200Novas.png Epic


Image Name Novas Feathers Rarity
? Bubblegum Witch Glowing 200 100 Uncommon
? Darkest Gloom Lumalike 200 100 Uncommon
? Medium Rainbow Varidye 500 1000 Epic
? Mystic Crystal Glowing 200 100 Uncommon
? Nalla's Dream Lumalike 200 100 Uncommon
? Tender Leaf Lumalike 200 400 Uncommon



Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
Balder Gate hairstyle.png
Balder Gate 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Balder Than Thou.png
Balder Than Thou 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Balderly There hairstyle.png
Balderly There 1,600Feathers.png 800Novas.png Epic
Baldies R' Goldies.png
Baldies R' Goldies 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Beach Day hair.png
Beach Day Hair 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Boating Club fascinator.png
Boating Club fascinator - 500Novas.png Rare
Boating Club porkpie.png
Boating Club porkpie - 500Novas.png Rare
Briçalian barretina.png
Briçalian barretina - 800Novas.png Epic
Chef hat.png
Chef hat 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Crown of Braeside.png
Crown of Braeside - 800Novas.png Epic
Crown of Properton.png
Crown of Properton - 800Novas.png Epic
Crystle helmet.png
Crystle helmet - 1,000Novas.png Legendary
Fluffy hairdo.png
Fluffy Hairdoo 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Common
Hocus hat.png
Hocus hat - 800Novas.png Epic
Idol bangs.png
Idol Bangs 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Kung fu ponytail.png
Kung fu ponytail 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Long hair with bandana.png
Long Hair with Bandana 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Common
Long wooly with glasses.png
Long wooly with glasses 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Megaringlets 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Mullet 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Uncommon
Pigepic hood.png
Pigepic Hood - 800Novas.png Epic
Sideways Accademia cap.png
Sideways Accademia cap 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Smazeemane - 1,000Novas.png Legendary
Sous-chef hat.png
Sous-chef hat 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Spikyboi 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Spikymax 600Feathers.png 300Novas.png Uncommon
Starry tiara.png
Starry tiara - 800Novas.png Epic
The Windswept.png
The Windswept 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Tonsure - 500Novas.png Rare
Viking braid - 500Novas.png Rare
Woke Up Like This.png
Woke Up Like This 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare


Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
Adventurer top and scarf.png
Adventurer top and scarf 900Feathers.png 450Novas.png Rare
Ancient cuirass.png
Ancient cuirass - 650Novas.png Epic
Boat-necked top.png
Boat-necked top ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Bowtie shirt.png
Bowtie shirt - 450Novas.png Rare
Chill Days shirt.png
Chill Days Shirt 500Feathers.png 250Novas.png Uncommon
Edgy short sleeve jacket.png
Edgy short sleeve jacket ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Faddish bomber jacket.png
Faddish bomber jacket ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
Frilly top.png
Frilly top - 650Novas.png Epic
Kwea Climber top.png
Kwea Climber top 500Feathers.png 250Novas.png Uncommon
Lochburg Vert gambeson.png
Lochburg Vert gambeson 500Feathers.png 250Novas.png Uncommon
Martial arts bandages.png
Martial arts bandages 900Feathers.png 450Novas.png Rare
Neoedo Neoracer top.png
Neoedo Neoracer Top 900Feathers.png 450Novas.png Rare
Pewki sweater.png
Pewki sweater - 450Novas.png Rare
Properton Gules gambeson.png
Properton Gules gambeson 500Feathers.png 250Novas.png Uncommon
Renaissance corset.png
Renaissance corset - 450Novas.png Rare
Sailor Pansun shirt.png
Sailor Pansun Shirt 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Common
Seasoned adventurer top.png
Seasoned Adventurer Top 500Feathers.png 250Novas.png Uncommon
Simpler Times blouse.png
Simpler Times blouse - 650Novas.png Epic
Starred crop top.png
Starred crop top 500Feathers.png 250Novas.png Uncommon
Trendy bomber jacket.png
Trendy bomber jacket ???Feathers.png ???Novas.png ???
You're My Pansun hoodie.png
You're My Pansun Hood 500Feathers.png 250Novas.png Uncommon
Vest and gloves.png
Vest and gloves 300Feathers.png 150Novas.png Common


Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
Baggy pants with belt.png
Baggy Pants with Belt 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Common
Baggy pants, fanny pack.png
Baggy Pants, Fanny Pack 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Uncommon
BasicallyBasics boxers.png
BasicallyBasics Boxers 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Common
Blockipix bottoms.png
Blockipix bottoms - 500Novas.png Epic
Dojo Jam baggy pants.png
Dojo Jam baggy pants 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Uncommon
Geometric shorts.png
Geometric Shorts 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Uncommon
Kilt and knee-highs.png
Kilt and Knee-highs 200Feathers.png 100Novas.png Common
Pants and half-skirt.png
Pants and Half-skirt 400Feathers.png 200Novas.png Uncommon
Skirt and boots.png
Skirt and boots - 300Novas.png Rare
Woodsman's pants.png
Woodsman's pants - 500Novas.png Epic


Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
Cystle set.png
Cystle set - 1,000Novas.png Legendary
Day Off set.png
Day Off 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Endairesque Prom dress.png
Endairesque Prom dress - 1,000Novas.png Legendary
Fine breastplate.png
Fine breastplate - 1,000Novas.png Legendary
Greengle Elf costume.png
Greengle Elf costume - 1,000Novas.png Legendary
Hard candy outfit.png
Hard Candy - 800Novas.png Epic
Hocus set.png
Hocus set - 800Novas.png Epic
I'm the Gift costume.png
I'm the Gift costume - 800Novas.png Epic
Miyako Artisan set.png
Miyako Artisan set 1,000Feathers.png 500Novas.png Rare
Monk's tunic.png
Monk's tunic - 500Novas.png Rare
Pigepic! dressing gown.png
Pigepic! Dressing Gown - 500Novas.png Rare
Regal gown.png
Regal gown - 1,000Novas.png Legendary
Ronin costume - 800Novas.png Epic
Smazee set.png
Smazee Set - 1,000Novas.png Legendary
Summery outfit.png
Summery outfit - 800Novas.png Epic


Image Name Feathers Novas Rarity
Angelic wings.png
Angelic wings - 1,100Novas.png Legendary
Backpawk - 900Novas.png Epic
Classic tamer's backpack.png
Classic Tamer's backpack 800Feathers.png 400Novas.png Uncommon
Spikylife backpack.png
Spikylife backpack - 1,100Novas.png Legendary
Square Electric backpack.png
Square Electric backpack 1,200Feathers.png 600Novas.png Rare
Tateru Boss backpack.png
Tateru Boss backpack - 900Novas.png Epic
Tealdrop backpack.png
Tealdrop backpack 800Feathers.png 400Novas.png Uncommon