Target Replicator

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Target Replicator
When the ally gets a positive status condition, adds the change to the Temtem too.
Impact Positive
Trigger Status Condition Applied to Ally
Effect Status Condition Applied

Target Replicator is a Status Condition applying Trait. It's currently exclusive to 0b10.


Target Replicator copies any Alerted ConditionAlerted, Regenerated ConditionRegenerated, Evading ConditionEvading, Immune ConditionImmune, or Invigorated ConditionInvigorated Conditions the ally is gifted with and gifts them to the holder for the same duration.


No. Temtem First Trait Second Trait
#047 0b10.png 0b10 Source Replicator Target Replicator


  • Referred to as "Target Rep" by the Temtem community.

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