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Temtem features a Nuzlocke game mode[1], which follows a set of rules intended to make the game more challenging. There are limitations on the Temtem that can be captured, and when the last Temtem of a player is knocked out the game is over.

Nuzlocke ruleset[edit]

  • Any Temtem that is knocked out will be released and can not be used anymore.
  • Only the first two Temtem encountered in each new area can be captured (one each if playing in co-op mode; you can choose which player catches the first Temtem).
    • As of Patch 1.3.1, you can choose to defeat or run away from any Temtem from species you have without wasting one of your allowed encounters, although once you throw a TemCard at it it will count as an encounter, unless your co-op partner catches it. (This is wrong)
    • If you no longer have the Temtem in your possession (either released or traded away) defeating further encounters will count towards your limit.
    • If you have a previous evolution, defeating the evolved Temtem in battle will count as one of your encounters.
  • When the player's last Temtem is knocked out, the Nuzlocke is over (but not for their co-op partner).

Gameplay changes[edit]

  • You cannot co-op unless both players originally chose co-op mode and their Tamer Levels (levels of their highest level Temtem) do not differ by more than 5 levels.
  • There is a display next to the Minimap to remind you of how many Temtem you can still catch on a particular route.
  • Although the Breeding Center is open, all Temtem will have zero Fertility, so you cannot breed them.
  • You will be given a level 1 Noxolotl with all 1 SVs while talking to Akatzin as part of the Beached Narwhal story quest, although if you don't have a free slot in your party you'll still need to go back to the TemDeck to retrieve it. Similarly, if you talk to the Temtem Connoisseur you will be given a level 1 Bigu with all 1 SVs to give to him, although the Egg Timer is of course useless to you.
  • Trading is not permitted. Although you can complete the side quest Registration Trouble, the system login at the terminal will simply fail.
  • Revives cannot be purchased. Item boxes that would normally hold a Revive have been changed to hold a Full Restore instead.
  • The Saipark does not contain any featured Temtem. Although the game will still let you purchase SaiCards, you actually need to use regular TemCards.
  • There appears to be a level cap which prevents Temtem from gaining experience if they are more than 20 levels higher than the Temtem they defeat. This limits the level that your Temtem can be to approximately 43 in Deniz, 49 in Omninesia, 61 in Tucma, 71 in Kisiwa, 91 in Cipanku and 98 in Arbury, unless you successfully access the Places of Power.


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Megazizare Steed
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Royal Castle construction
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  • This game mode is inspired by the Nuzlocke[2] challenge originating from the fanbase of the Pokémon franchise.
  • Implementation of this game mode was one of the original kickstarter goals[3]