Temtem: Showdown

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Temtem: Showdown
Temtem Showdown loading screen.png
Developer Crema
Publisher Humble Bundle
Engine Unity
Platform PC (Windows)
Release Date June 26, 2023.
Genre Player versus Player turn-based combat
Mode Multiplayer
System Requirements Go to

Temtem: Showdown is a Player-versus-Player (PvP) Free to Play competitive combat simulator created by the Spain-based studio Crema and published by Humble. It was released on PC on June 26, 2023. It is accessible through the base game or the free Temtem: Showdown client, with players from both participating in the same matchmaking pool.

Players are able to build their team using any Temtem in the game. They can then be assigned any moves, including Technique Courses and egg moves, and set their SVs and TVs however they wish. They can also be equipped with any item. When entering into a competitive battle, players will be able to select a team from their Showdown roster instead of their main competitive teams.

Official description

Jump right into Temtem competitive action in this free multiplayer battle simulator! Build your team in seconds and dash into ranked matches with players from all over the world for pure, no-frills Temtem battling action—no leveling or taming required!

Temtem: Showdown takes the best Temtem competitive action and places it within immediate reach for everyone! Get to know the colorful critters from the massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure, build your team in seconds, and dash into battle to test it out against other players and their teams—or carefully curate a plan of action to overpower your opponents.


A possible set of recommended Temtem

Patch 1.4 introduced the recommendation system, suggesting Temtem to the player while building their team. If no Temtem have been selected for the team yet, the recommendations will feature Temtem that have had the most overall success in PvP. Once a starting Temtem is chosen, the recommendations will be for Temtem that work well with the current team.

Below the recommendations are two tabs of Temtem: competitive and "for fun". Competitive lists the most-played Temtem and/or those that work well with each other, while "for fun" lists less common choices.

Once a Temtem is selected, players will be offered the choice of "customize" or two handmade builds reflecting common archetypes for that species, which will automatically distribute TVs, and select techniques, trait, and item. The customize option allows players to select all these things from scratch. Players can also use the builds as a starting point and make modifications to them. Builds are only offered for Temtem that are fully evolved or of a single-stage evolutionary line.

Ranked system

Players will participate inside a system with different ranks based on their performance.

Rank Overview

There are five ranks in Temtem Showdown which are listed below:

Reaching a higher rank is mainly dependent on a player's performance. For example, one player might reach a higher rank with fewer wins than another player as the ranking gap between two players is also crucial to evaluate performance. Winning against a player with a significantly higher rating will improve the rating more. There is currently no possibility to tell where exactly a player is inside their rank.


The Unranked Rank

If a player loses matches repeatedly it may happen that they will be demoted to the next lower rank. Demotion can also happen through decay. Decay happens if a player does not play a single (1) game during a week. The player will directly demote to the next lower rank. Players in the Bronze rank cannot demote to the Unranked Rank under any circumstances within the same season.

Placement Matches

Overview of Placement Matches

At the beginning of each Season, every player starts with the Unranked Rank. After playing 10 matches a rank based on the player's performance will be assigned. Even though the rank from the previous season is reset, it will still influence the player's placement matches. For example, if a player's previous rank was high they will have a better opportunity to place at a high rank again after the placement matches.


Rewards are distributed based on the rank reached. In order to claim the current Seasons's rewards, a player has to win at least 10 times in the same rank. After reaching the 10 required wins, the player will still get the rewards for the highest rank where they achieved these wins no matter how much they demote after that.


A Season will last for three months. At the end of the season, balance changes happen to adjust the competitive balance for the next season and all player ranks will be reset to Unranked. The rewards will be distributed once the new season start and will automatically be claimed once the player logs in and reaches the main menu screen. The rewards for each Season can be viewed here.

Season Start End
1 September 6th, 2022 December 4th, 2022
2 December 5th, 2022 March 12th, 2023
3 March 13th, 2023 June 18th, 2023
4 June 19th, 2023 September 25th, 2023


Inspect Screen

Upon inspecting a different player, a number of different options appear which are explained below:

  • Add Player: Adds the player to the friend list.
  • Inspect Player: Shows the outfit and rank information about the player
  • Competitive Match: Invites the player to a casual competitive match. Casual matches have no effect on your rank and do not interact with the ranking system in any way.
  • Spectate: If the selected player is playing a competitive match their match can be observed with this option.
  • Report: Reports illicit activities of the selected player to the staff.

Battle system

The battle system used in Temtem Showdown is identical to the main game. The most important pages are listed below:


The standalone client for Temtem: Showdown also includes a tutorial of five battles (three if linked to a main game account) which will teach the basics of Temtem combat, involving HP and Stamina management, Technique details, Temtem Speed and Priority, Stat Stage Changes, Temtem Traits, Gear items, and Status Conditions.

The fourth battle starts with a scripted loss used to explain team-building, before showing the player how to edit a Temtem in the Edit Team section of the menu. After this, the battle will replay in which you will win.

The fifth battle is used to teach the player about the pick-and-ban phase of Competitive Combat, and also allows the player to experience a full Competitive format battle.

Using Luma Temtem

Players will be able to select Luma Temtem in Showdown only if they fulfill certain conditions:

  • The Player owns an Original Tamer (OT) or Soulbound Luma Temtem belonging to that evolutionary line.
  • All Single Values (SV) have to be at either 50 or 1,
  • All 1000 Training Values (TVs) need to be assigned
  • All egg techniques the Temtem have to be learned.
  • Players using the Temtem Showdown game client wihtout owning the base game will not have access to Luma Temtem.

Character creation

Free to Play players that do not have the full Temtem game will be required to create a new character. Players will be able to choose:

  • Body type
    • Two body types are available, representing a feminine and masculine morphology. They are not tied to pronouns and do not reflect sex or gender, so they can be freely chosen depending on personal preference. All cosmetics are compatible with all body types, with only minor differences in some cases.
  • Skin color
    • A wide range of skin colors is available.
  • Style
    • Four style options are available, representing idle stances and running animations. Note: that the stances and running animations are associated with each other and cannot be selected separately.
  • Presets
    • Sixteen prebuilt character models with different Head shapes, Face designs, Eye colors, Hairstyles, Top cosmetics, bottom cosmetics, and bag cosmetics.
  • Name
    • A unique character name must be chosen. Several rules apply regarding the length, available characters, and capitalization.
      • Names must be unique.
      • Names must be between 3 and 15 characters.
      • Only a-z characters.
      • At most 3 words can be used, separated by a space ( ), apostrophe (') or hyphen (-).
      • At most 2 separators can only be used in between words and can't be used consecutively.
      • At least one of the words must have 3 characters.
      • Only the first character of each word can be capitalized.
  • Pronoun
    • Two or three pronoun options are available, depending on the language. They represent masculine and feminine options, as well as a non-binary alternative.
  • Voice
    • Currently two voices are available.