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Dojo Wars Artwork

The Dojo Wars feature is a large scale player versus player (PvP) activity introduced in Early Access 0.9. In Dojo Wars different Clubs will participate in order to win the control over one out of 6 Club Dojos.


The Dojo War registration screen after successfully registering.

There are a number of Requirements in order to join a Dojo War.

  • Leaders or Co-Leaders need to register their club during the week preceding the Dojo Wars (exact times needed).
    • Please note that you need to assign the Dojo Warrior rank to at least 9 players in order to be able to register for a Dojo War (recruiters and higher ranks are included).
    • After registering you won't be able to assign the Dojo Warrior rank to other club members.
  • Clubs that sign up for a Dojo War but do not attend it are penalized by having Pansuns removed from their vault. Clubs with a negative Pansun sum in their vault cannot sign up for Dojo Wars.


Dojo Wars are conducted in a similar style as Tournaments. Each island hosts a single Club Dojo which will be active during specific time frames. Up to 256 clubs can participate in a Dojo War for a single island.

  • Please note that the first Dojo War starts on Monday at UTC 08:00 (Deniz) which means that the Cipanku and Arbury time frames will happen on the next day. (UTC server time)

Once a time frame for a Dojo War begins players with the Dojo Warrior rank have to confirm their participation by interacting with the club flag in front of the according Club Dojo. The players will be selected on a first-come-first-serve basis. Players must select a Pro squad, as Showdown squads are disabled for this activity, and are locked in to the first squad selected each round for the duration of that round. A player participating in a Dojo War cannot edit their Competitive Squad until the completion of the round.


Brackets showing rounds from Monday to Wednesday.
Brackets showing rounds from Thursday to Saturday.

Elimination rounds will be held on every weekday for one week each month (the week that contains the last Sunday of the month) at the respective time frame for each island. Once all clubs have their players confirmed the elimination round will start. Clubs will face each other in a single elimination format but only one or two rounds will be played each day depending on the amount of participating clubs.

See the following table for the maximum amount of rounds are played on each day for each club:

Amount of Clubs
2 3 or 4 5 to 8 9 to 16 17 to 32 33 to 64 65 to 128 129 to 256
Monday - - - - 1 Round 1 Round 1 Round 1 Round
Tuesday - - - 1 Round 1 Round 1 Round 1 Round 1 Round
Wednesday - - 1 Round 1 Round 1 Round 1 Round 1 Round 2 Rounds
Thursday - 1 Round 1 Round 1 Round 1 Round 1 Round 2 Rounds 2 Rounds
Friday 1 Round 1 Round 1 Round 1 Round 1 Round 2 Rounds 2 Rounds 2 Rounds
Total 1 Round 2 Rounds 3 Rounds 4 Rounds 5 Rounds 6 Rounds 7 Rounds 8 Rounds
  • Less rounds or free wins are possible if the maximum value of a column is not reached. This means that if less than 32 clubs participate it is possible that some clubs do not have to play on certain weekdays.

The clubs which wins one or two rounds will advance to the next bracket on the next day until they reach the Grand Final.

Elimination Rounds[edit]

The round overview shows each matches and the accumulated points.

Each round consists of 15 matches total which are played in 3 sets of 5 matches each. Each set of matches starts 5 minutes after the previous set's last match ends. The matchmaker system prioritizes not matching the same two players against each other twice in a row, even if they have the same number of wins/losses. Players can leave the Club Dojo while waiting and do other activities with a few limitations but they have to return to the Club Dojo and confirm the next match in time. 15 points are possible for a single round and the club which reaches the most amount of points will win the round. The losing club cannot participate in the Dojo War for the same island again until the next registration period starts.

The competitive matches use the standard competitive rules with the exception of shorter turn timers like Tournaments.

Type Competitive Timer Tournament Timer
Pick and Ban turn 20 Seconds 20 seconds
Pick and Ban reserve 40 seconds 40 seconds
Match turn 40 seconds 30 seconds
Match reserve 120 seconds 90 seconds

Grand Final[edit]

The Grand Final will be held on Saturday using the same time frames as described above for each island. It works very similar to the regular elimination Rounds with a few differences:

  • 9 players with the Dojo Warrior rank have to register for the Grand Final. The first-come-first-serve system still applies.
  • 27 matches will be played in 3 sets of 9 matches each (needs confirmation).
  • The club which gets the most points wins the Club Dojo. 27 points are possible to reach.
  • The team used in the final set of matches will be chosen for the Dojo Park entry NPC battles the following month. This only applies to the club which wins the Grand Final. Where the Grand Final is won by DQ due to insufficient player numbers on the opposing team, the last team used by the player in their last match during the Dojo War will be selected, or the first team in the squad for players who have not participated that week.


Players will be rewarded for individual wins, with better rewards later in the week. Rewards include Tamer's Paradise Tokens, Hotfixes, ETCs, and assorted Currencies.

Day of the Week TP Token Amount Telomere Hotfix Amount* ETC Amount Nova Amount Feather Amount Pansun Amount
Monday ? ? ? ? ? ?
Tuesday ? ? ? ? ? ?
Wednesday 1 1 - 20Novas.png 150Feathers.png 3,000Pansuns.png
Thursday 1 1 1 30Novas.png 200Feathers.png 3,500Pansuns.png
Friday 1 2 1 40Novas.png 250Feathers.png 4,000Pansuns.png
Saturday ? ? ? ? ? ?

*It is not possible to obtain the Telomere Hotfix - Trait Swap item here (needs confirmation).

Clubs will be rewarded depending on how far they are able to progress before losing a round. All drops will be displayed on a reward screen for all participants once a round has been decided. The rewards are sent into the Club Vault (including untradeable items like Telomere Hotfixes).

Amount of remaining Clubs Candy Amount* Fruit Amount* ETC Amount Telomere Hotfix Amount** Furniture Amount
8 0-20 0-4 2 3 -
4 0-20 0-4 3 6 -
2 - - 3 9 2
2 (Grand Final) - - 4 9 2

*Only either fruits or candies are awarded for each drop. When dropping out with 8 remaining clubs 2 fruit/candy drops are rewarded. When dropping out with 4 remaining clubs 1 drop will be rewarded.

**It is not possible to obtain the Telomere Hotfix - Trait Swap item here.

Winning the Grand Final will also award one special piece of furniture which can only be placed inside a Club Dojo. The possible rewards are as follows:

Island Diorama Statue 1 Statue 2
Deniz Thalassian Cliff diorama.png
Thalassian Cliff diorama
Grandiose Granpah.png
Grandiose Granpah
Ostentatious Oceara.png
Ostentatious Oceara
Omninesia Banyan bonsai diorama.png
Banyan bonsai diorama
Mastodontic Mastione.png
Mastodontic Mastione
Kinetic Kinu.png
Kinetic Kinu
Tucma Motherlode diorama.png
MotherIode diorama
Nidering Nidrasil.png
Nidering Nidrasil
Shuperb Shuine.png
Shuperb Shuine
Kisiwa Tasa Souvenir diorama.png
Tasa Souvenir diorama
Draconic Drakash.png
Draconic Drakash
Robust Rhoulder.png
Robust Rhoulder
Cipanku My Little Miyako diorama.png
My Little Miyako diorama
Rowdy Raignet.png
Rowdy Raignet
Inkredible Innki.png
Inkredible Innki
Arbury MiniMegalith diorama.png
MiniMegalith diorama
Hazardous Hazrat.png
Hazardous Hazrat
Garrulous Gharunder.png
Garrulous Gharunder

The winning club will also be able control the club dojo for a month. This grants the following benefits:

  • The club receives all server-wide Pansun fees from lost Dojo Warrior NPC battles of their respective Club Dojo. The fees will be sent to the club storage. One loss will award the club with 1,200Pansuns.png.
  • The club gets access to Dojo Housing.
  • The club flag and club name will be displayed outside of their respective Club Dojo.

Update History[edit]

  • Patch 1.4
    • Dojo Wars v2. Changes include occurring monthly instead of weekly, removal of the king of the hill system, restructuring rounds, and individual rewards for won matches.
  • Patch 1.2
    • Players now need to complete their placement ranked matches in order be assigned the Dojo Warrior rank.
  • Early Access 0.9
    • Introduced.