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This page lists activities that can be repeated indefinitely for currency and items.

Dojo rematches[edit]

Main article: Dojo#Rematches

Dojo leaders can be rematched once per week each. These rematches take place under competitive rules, using Temtem at the highest level available to the player.

If the player wins, the number of Pansuns and Feathers they are rewarded with depends on how many attempts it took. Winning without any losses will give a reward of (80 * Tamer Level) Pansuns.png and 32 Feathers.png, going down 10% with each loss (Tamer Level * 80, 72, 64, etc.) Pansuns.png, with the Feather reward rounding down (one loss 28.8 rounds to 28 Feathers.png, two losses 25.6 rounds to 25 Feathers.png, etc.), to a minimum payout of 40% of maximum reward.


Main article: Lair

A Lair is a group activity in Temtem where three to five players enter a dungeon. The more players that participate the easier the lair will be. Each player will have to fight their way through a randomly generated path on their own. However, important resources are shared between players. It is key to manage those resources accordingly in order to have a chance to battle a mythical Temtem at the end and receive rare rewards.

Postal service[edit]

Main article: Postal service

The postal service is a system of daily quests that can be picked up from the post office in the city of Uhuru in Kisiwa. The building is located in the north-western side and has a small envelope icon on the map. Once inside, players can speak to the Post Office Manager and tell her they are looking for a job. She'll assign 1-3 different delivery quests for different NPCs in the world. These quests will reward the player with Pansuns and items.


Main article: Temtem Radar

Each Temtem Radar tracks a specific evolutionary line of Temtem, indicated on the item icon and in the description. Only one may be active at any point in time until the weekly expiry. Using the item will consume it and begin the radar. Starting a radar triggers a meter to appear left to the minimap until the radar breaks. This displays the current chain, an image of the current Temtem evolutionary line being hunted, and the current chain reward (increased SVs or Luma chance). A radar in or close to the patch where the radar Temtem naturally spawns activates with a visual cue of blinking around the profile picture of Temtem in blue hexagon. The radar does not activate, therefore, for featured Temtem of week at Saipark, but does so for native Temtem of Saipark. An active radar spawns the radar Temtem in the overworld that represents the Temtem of a radar encounter or either one of them for a double. Running into an overworld spawn engages in a radar encounter and completing the encounter increases the radar counter by 1. A radar deactivates in any other area that does not naturally spawn the radar Temtem in wild encounter, and may reactivate and resume chaining upon re-entering into the natural habitats of radar Temtem. Certain conditions may break the chaining and will either break the radar as well or reset the chain counter to 0.


Main article: Saipark

Saipark is located on Deniz, to the west of Prasine Coast. The Rock-hopping hook is required for access. Each week two Temtem are featured with special characteristics, such as increased Luma odds, increased minimum SVs or a chance for egg techniques. Saipark will not ever contain Temtem that are 5%/10% encounters, nor will it contain starter Temtem.


Main article: Fishing

Fishing gives the user another option to encounter Temtem, so long as they have a Fishing Rod. One can be obtained by completing the Fishcraft quest in Nuru Lodge. Once obtained, face any body of water and, if a fish hook icon appears above the water, cast the line to start fishing. The Temtem will bite 3 times and the player has to react to each bite. After the third bite, an untamed Temtem encounter will occur. What you encounter will depend on where you fish.


Main article: FreeTem! Organization

The FreeTem! Temtivists desire to end Temsploitation, the exploitation of Temtem. In the past, humans needed Temtem to survive. With technological advancements they are no longer reliant on Temtem, thus they should be freed. The organization also runs reintegration farms on a few islands to help tamed Temtem find their place in their original habitat. Tihani is the only Dojo Master open to their ideas and agrees that many tamers over-catch.