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Various forms of television, literature, and music have made various appearances through the Archipelago. Many homes have bookshelves filled, TVs on, or records spinning. Only a small amount of these various forms of media have take concrete form.


Various types of TV shows across the Archipelago include documentaries about Temtem, talent shows about Temtem tamers, and realities about dropping ten guys on Tucma without Temtem.

One of the most famous actors is Visesia, an Omninesian actress who has stared in films like Sword of Highabove, the Endaira film trilogy (the third of which has yet to come out), and a TemCard late-night add. She's currently working on a film based on a classic Kisiwan novel, "Betrayal at Kilima".

Numerous Temtem species have been featured on television, including Platypet in a cartoon series. The series was designed to teach validity of Temtem and their ability to be good friends. It is now one of the most popular Temtem with kids. Many horror films feature Gyalis, giving it the reputation as a "scary evil monster".


The best Temtem Reference Library is in Properton College, but the runner up is Professor Konstantinos's at his lab in Zadar.

The location with the most available literature is in the Accademia in Briçal de Mar. The books include "Systema Temtemae" by Carlot Linnaea, updated by Guy and Drades, which reads about Temtem types. The dated version established the types used today, but didn't include , and so was updated. "Mastering Your Temtem Statistics" by Mr. D'Amato discusses various Temtem stats. Mary Temdo explains techniques and their various complexities in "The Life-Changing Magic of Temtem Techniques!", and lastly, "Statu Vademecum" by Nalla of Vumbi wrote about various status conditions.

Toussaint Books in Uhuru also houses a large collection of books, which are also for sale. "Fables of the Isles" from the store holds tales from all across the Archipelago, including the tale of Dabmis the Sailor. It speaks on the Serbatiyo, ancient guardians of the Kingdom of the Sea Queen, reading, "and the priestesses tasked guarding the gates of her Nestqueendom are said to have kept 'The Serbatiyo's Wrath' from the rest of the world... tucked away in the cavernous formations of Briçal de Mar, high over the petreous gates..." Also at the store resides a comic books, such as "Endaira's Quest". It features Endaira, a legendary hero. In the latest issue, she needed to escape the King of Arbury and clear her name for the murder of Sesilu.

Much of the Archipelago's ancient literature come from Deniz, such as the Romance of the Last Sheikh. This poem glorifies the memory of an ancient thalassocrat of the Sillaro, who waged war and lost against mysterious magi beings. Another example is the Fall of the Paninsula, a hyperbolic work by Guizarese, which is considered the masterpiece of classic Denizan opera. It tells the dramatized story of ancient heroes of the Great Island of yore.

However, other islands like Tucma also have ancient literature. The oldest available indicate religious awe of Myx. As embodiment of "dark spirits", all were feared, whether emissaries of Highabove or messengers of Downbelow. Itzia was a poetess that wrote about Noxolotl. Kisiwa has its share of early writings as well such as the classic novel "Betrayal at Kilima", written three hundred years ago during the Kiwilan Unification. As well as these, one of the oldest novels in the Archipelagan literature originates in Cipanku. Written by the lady Shiratama in medieval Miyako, it follows the exploits of a heroric Cipanku princeling in lyrical tones.


Headlines from various papers appear through the storyline. Hawkers appear in Briçal de Mar, Nanga, and Uhuru. Throughout the story, all hawkers always will give the same news. The headlines change as each island is explored, with the hawker giving the local headlines first, while have foreign papers with the most important headlines from the other islands.


  • Ecos del Sillaro headlines: "Giada Says Riverine Fellowship Breaking All Membership Records."
  • L'Arissolano leads with "Arissola Opens Airship Terminal, Daily Flights to Omnines and Kisiwa!"
  • L'Arisslano: "Investigation Into Aguamarina Caves Landslide Continues - Dojo Master Sophia Called To Testify".
  • L'Arrisolano: "Dojo Master Sophia to Attend Historical Congress in Kisiwa!"


  • The Myrisles Post: "Experts Warn: Anak Volcano Could Become Active Any Moment".
  • "Anak Eruption Continues"
  • "Entire Scientific Team Still Missing"
  • "Anak Eruption Stopped!"
  • "Cipanki Scientist Blamed For Volcanic Disaster!"
  • The Myrisles Post interviews Tihani: "We are all Kisiwans... The Archipelago must come together against the Belsoto".


  • El Quetzaleño: "Smiths Guild Stops Production Due To Ore Shortage".


  • The Uhuru Gazette: "Juu Tunnel Opened, New Vumbi-Uhuru Route Expects Heavy Traffic".
  • The Uhuru Gazette: "Ash Clouds Block Airship Route to Omninesia".
  • "First Archipeligan Congress Opens! Dojo Masters Meet in Uhuru In Ephoc-Making Conference!"
  • "Uhuru Kisiwan Celebrate as Resistance Scores Definitive Victory Against Belsoto Invaders!"
  • "Juu Tunel Reopens, Air Traffic Restored - Kisiwa Going Back to Normal"


  • The New Edo Scientific Review: "Cipanki Scientist Announces New Digital Temtem".
  • The New Edo Scientific Review: "Rare Digital Temtem Vanished From Lab!".


  • The Properton Times: "Arbury Uni To Host New Temtem Tournament: Lochburg Dons Expected To Lose".
  • The Properton Times: "Lochburg Don Replies to Properton: "Milk Goes Before Tea!"


The Tucmani drinking song "One-hundred Temessence Vials" commonly wails through the Jaguar Lounge.