Ampere Outburst

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Ampere Outburst
Volgon's Heavenly Might unleashes a wave of power that sweeps the battleground, affecting everyone except the user, overextending them and Invigorated Condition vigorizing you for 2 turns.
Technique Details
Type Electric
Class Status
Damage 0
STA Cost 14
Hold 2
Priority 2_Normal
Targeting All Other Temtem

Ampere Outburst is a Status Electric Technique. It's also a signature Technique of Volgon.


Ampere Outburst causes all other combatants on the battlefield to be overexerted the next turn and gifts the user with the Invigorated ConditionInvigorated Condition for 2 turns.


Level up[edit]

No. Temtem Level
#164 Volgon.pngVolgon 100

Update History[edit]