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Gravity in the Middle Sphere is capricious and mild - but this technique still causes a great deal of damage and wipes all statuses from the target.
Technique Details
Type Mental
Class Physical
Damage 100
STA Cost 26
Hold 1
Priority 1_Low
Targeting Single Other Target
Synergy Details
Used in combination with an Earth ally, Blackhole also wipes all stage changes.
Synergy Earth
Priority 2_Normal
Effects Removes the target's
Stat Stage Changes.

Blackhole is a Physical Mental Technique with an Earth Synergy.


Blackhole deals damage to a single target and cures/removes their Status Conditions.

If used with an Earth ally, is priority increases to Normal and it also removes the target's Stat Stage Changes.


Level up[edit]

No. Temtem Level
#034 Nagaise.pngNagaise 84
#098 Sanbi.pngSanbi 59
#124 Valiar.pngValiar 100
#143 Koish (Mental).pngKoish 80
#151 Minox.pngMinox 68
#152 Minothor.pngMinothor 68
#153 Maoala.pngMaoala 80
#165 Galios.pngGalios 89

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