Debris Typhoon

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Debris Typhoon
A good brute-force technique if you don't mind tidying up later.
Technique Details
Type Wind
Class Physical
Damage 73
STA Cost 11
Hold 0
Priority 2_Normal
Targeting Single Target
Synergy Details
Synergy Wind
Damage 95

Debris Typhoon is a Physical Wind Technique with a Wind Synergy.


Debris Typhoon deals damage to a single target.

If used with a Wind ally, its damage increases to 95.


Level up[edit]

No. Temtem Level
#048 Kaku.pngKaku 14
#049 Saku.pngSaku 14
#141 Pigepic.pngPigepic 60
#143 Koish (Wind).pngKoish 80
#145 Chubee.pngChubee 21
#146 Waspeen.pngWaspeen 21

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