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Sometimes a little shock is all you need to gain an edge. This fast technique inflicts slight damage but Seized Condition seizes the target for 1 turn.
Technique Details
Type Electric
Class Physical
Damage 28
STA Cost 5
Hold 0
Priority 3_High
Targeting Single Other Target

Voltopuncture is a Physical Electric Technique.


Voltopuncture deals damage to a single other target and inflicts them with the Seized ConditionSeized Condition for 1 turn.


Level up[edit]

No. Temtem Level
#013 Gharunder.pngGharunder 5
#019 Ampling.pngAmpling 1
#020 Amphatyr.pngAmphatyr 1
#062 Scarawatt.pngScarawatt 5
#063 Scaravolt.pngScaravolt 5

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