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When attacked, reduces damage taken by 50% if both allies are part of the same evolutionary line.
Impact Positive
Trigger Technique Damage Taken & Relation to Ally
Effect Damage Taken Decreased

Camaraderie is a Damage affecting Trait.


Camaraderie decreases the damage the holder takes from Techniques by 50% if both the holder and their ally are part of the same evolutionary line.


No. Temtem First Trait Second Trait
#017 Paharac.png Paharac Caffeinated Camaraderie
#021 Bunbun.png Bunbun Caffeinated Camaraderie
#057 Raiber.png Raiber Camaraderie Rested
#100 Kuri.png Kuri Camaraderie Callosity
#102 Spriole.png Spriole Camaraderie Botanist
#138 Vulvir.png Vulvir Camaraderie Caffeinated

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