Kesa Gatame

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Kesa Gatame
One of the best-known and most useful Miyako floor techniques, it pins down a target for SPD -3 and Trapped Condition trapped for 3 turns.
Technique Details
Type Melee
Class Status
Damage 0
STA Cost 24
Hold 2
Priority 4_VeryHigh
Targeting Single Other Target

Kesa Gatame is a Status Melee Technique.


Kesa Gatame inflicts a single other target with SPD-3 and the Trapped ConditionTrapped Condition for 3 turns.


Technique Course[edit]

No. Temtem TC
#069 Saipat.pngSaipat TC039
#076 Shaolite.pngShaolite TC039
#077 Shaolant.pngShaolant TC039
#096 Gorong.pngGorong TC039
#155 Venmet.pngVenmet TC039


  • Kesa Gatame is a real-life martial arts technique that involves grabbing and holding a target against the floor.[1]

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