Quartz Dirt

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Quartz Dirt
Micro-fine particles designed to inflict macro-damage to a whole team. Make sure you don't inhale them!
Technique Details
Type Crystal
Class Special
Damage 70
STA Cost 20
Hold 1
Priority 2_Normal
Targeting Other Team or Ally
Synergy Details
A denser cloud. Used in combination with an Earth ally, Quartz Dirt Trapped Condition traps the targets for 2 turns.
Synergy Earth
Damage 80
Effects 2 Turns Trapped Condition Trapped

Quartz Dirt is a Special Crystal Technique with an Earth Synergy. It's also a Technique Course, labelled as TC035.


Quartz Dirt deals damage to the rival team or the user's ally.

If used with an Earth ally, its damage increases to 80 and also inflicts the Trapped ConditionTrapped Condition for 2 turns.


Level up[edit]

No. Temtem Level
#004 Chromeon (Crystal).pngChromeon 70

Technique Course[edit]

No. Temtem TC
#021 Bunbun.pngBunbun TC035
#022 Mudrid.pngMudrid TC035
#056 Myx.pngMyx TC035
#075 Innki.pngInnki TC035
#122 Shuine.pngShuine TC035
#146 Waspeen.pngWaspeen TC035
#161 Anahir.pngAnahir TC035
#162 Anatan.pngAnatan TC035

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