Seismunch's Wreck

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Seismunch's Wreck
Seismunch has exactly the balls to deal with the whole enemy team... Earth balls, that is.
Technique Details
Type Earth
Class Physical
Damage 105
STA Cost 39
Hold 1
Priority 2_Normal
Targeting Other Team or Ally
Synergy Details
Synergy Melee
Damage 120
Priority 3_High

Seismunch's Wreck is a Physical Earth Technique with a Melee Synergy and a signature technique of Seismunch.


Seismunch's Wreck deals damage to the rival team or the user's ally.

If used with a Melee ally, its damage increases to 120 and priority increases to High.


Level up[edit]

No. Temtem Level
#094 Seismunch.pngSeismunch 58

Update History[edit]