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Sometimes, a single sigh is enough to topple a weakened enemy - and they'd better be, for this fast technique inflicts very minor damage.
Technique Details
Type Wind
Class Special
Damage 55
STA Cost 19
Hold 1
Priority 3_High
Targeting Single Other Target
Synergy Details
Every sigh contributes, until it's a gale storm... Used in combination with an ally, damage increases and Trapped Condition traps the enemy for 1 turn.
Synergy Electric
Damage 75
Priority 4_VeryHigh
Effects 2 Turn Trapped ConditionTrapped

Gust is a Special Wind Technique with an Electric Synergy.


Gust deals damage to a single target.

If used with an Electric ally, its damage increases to 75, priority increases to Very High and also inflicts the Trapped ConditionTrapped Condition for 2 turns.


Level up[edit]

No. Temtem Level
#004 Chromeon (Wind).pngChromeon 55
#011 Loali.pngLoali 77
#018 Granpah.pngGranpah 80
#025 Fomu.pngFomu 57
#026 Wiplump.pngWiplump 57


No. Temtem Parent
#109 Zephyruff.pngZephyruff
#110 Volarend.pngVolarend
  • * indicates the parent must learn the technique through a Technique Course.
  • ^ indicates the parent must learn the technique through Breeding.
  • + indicates the parent must be bred with a later evolution stage or related evolution due to a type addition/changing/difference.
  • - indicates the parent must be bred with an earlier evolution stage due to either a type or their gender ratio changing upon evolution.
  • ‡ indicates any variation of the parent can be used.

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