Madness Buff

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Madness Buff
There is an edge to this madness - those willing to take 25% Damage will get SPDEF +3 and SPATK +3.
Technique Details
Type Melee
Class Status
Damage 0
STA Cost 17
Hold 0
Priority 2_Normal
Targeting Self

Madness Buff is a Status Melee Technique. It's also a Technique Course, labelled as TC014.


Madness Buff causes the user to lose 25% of their maximum HP and then is gifted SPATK+3 and SPDEF+3.


Level up[edit]

No. Temtem Level
#040 Azuroc.pngAzuroc 37
#041 Zenoreth.pngZenoreth 37
#108 Goolder.pngGoolder 80

Technique Course[edit]

No. Temtem TC
#015 Magmut.pngMagmut TC014
#030 Mouflank.pngMouflank TC014
#035 Orphyll.pngOrphyll TC014
#036 Nidrasil.pngNidrasil TC014
#050 Valash.pngValash TC014
#083 Golzy.pngGolzy TC014
#105 Toxolotl.pngToxolotl TC014
#106 Noxolotl.pngNoxolotl TC014
#149 Hazrat.pngHazrat TC014
#150 Minttle.pngMinttle TC014
#151 Minox.pngMinox TC014
#152 Minothor.pngMinothor TC014


  • Referred to as "MB" by the Temtem community.

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