Toxic Plume

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Toxic Plume
Like a faulty airship engine, this Temtem can leave a trail of toxic gas that gives Poisoned Condition Poison to the whole team for 1 turn.
Technique Details
Type Toxic
Class Special
Damage 60
STA Cost 20
Hold 1
Priority 2_Normal
Targeting Other Team or Ally
Synergy Details
Used in combination with a Crystal ally, Toxic Plume saves you STA and the target gets ATK-1.
Synergy Crystal
STA Cost 15
Effects ATK-1

Toxic Plume is a Special Toxic Technique with a Crystal Synergy and is currently only learned by Zephyruff's evolutionary line.


Toxic Plume deals damage to the rival team or the user's ally and inflicts them with the Poisoned ConditionPoisoned Condition for 1 turn.

If used with a Crystal ally, its STA Cost decreases to 15 and also inflicts ATK-1.


Level up[edit]

No. Temtem Level
#109 Zephyruff.pngZephyruff 38
#110 Volarend.pngVolarend 38


  • Referred to as "Tplume" by the Temtem community.

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