Willpower Drain

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Willpower Drain
Sapping the very will to fight from an enemy's mind, this quick Neutral technique steals 25 Stamina points.
Technique Details
Type Neutral
Class Status
Damage 0
STA Cost 17
Hold 1
Priority 3_High
Targeting Single Other Target

Willpower Drain is a Status Neutral Technique.


Willpower Drain drains 25 STA from a single other target and restores 25 STA to the user. The user will still overexert if they don't have enough STA to use Willpower Drain. If the target has less than 25 STA, the user will only restore the amount that was drained.


Level up[edit]

No. Temtem Level
#004 Chromeon (Neutral).pngChromeon 70
#017 Paharac.pngPaharac 52
#018 Granpah.pngGranpah 52
#099 Momo.pngMomo 39
#100 Kuri.pngKuri 30
#101 Kauren.pngKauren 30
#158 Arachnyte.pngArachnyte 20
#164 Volgon.pngVolgon 12


  • Referred to as "WPD" by the Temtem community.

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