Look out

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Look out
This Temtem has (metaphorical) eyes on the back of its head. This hyperalert state makes it Alerted Condition alerted for 5 turns and removes the Asleep Condition Asleep status condition.
Technique Details
Type Neutral
Class Status
Damage 0
STA Cost 12
Hold 1
Priority 3_High
Targeting Single Target

Look out is a Status Neutral Technique. It's also a Technique Course, labelled as TC022.


Look out gifts a single target with the Alerted ConditionAlerted Condition for 5 turns and cures them of the Asleep ConditionAsleep Condition. Unlike other techniques, it will set the duration of any previously gifted Alerted ConditionAlerted Conditions to 5 turns.


Technique Course[edit]

No. Temtem TC
#042 Reval.pngReval TC022
#043 Aohi.pngAohi TC022
#047 0b10.png0b10 TC022
#065 Hedgine.pngHedgine TC022
#104 Cerneaf.pngCerneaf TC022
#115 Oceara.pngOceara TC022
#125 Pupoise.pngPupoise TC022
#126 Loatle.pngLoatle TC022
#131 Tukai.pngTukai TC022
#144 Vulffy.pngVulffy TC022
#157 Chimurian.pngChimurian TC022

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