Coda: Shadow & Flame

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Coda: Shadow & Flame
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Neoedo
Starting NPC Dr. Abiodun
Requirements Completed The End of Innocence
Reward Unlocks Umbra Temtem and Umbra Radars
Saipat Umbra radar

Coda: Shadow & Flame is a Main quest and is begun after completing The End of Innocence. Speak to Dr. Abiodun in the basement of Nanto Labs.


  • Dr. Sasaya needs to speak to you , URGENTLY!
  • Find Ojimah at the Miyako Temple.
  • Join Ojimah at Nanto Labs.
  • Convince Adia to pilot the Umbra-2
  • Convince Adia again, Temtem style.
  • Board the Umbra-2 at the Cromlech of Arbury
  • Rescue the survivors from Umbra-1!
  • Return to the Umbra-2 and interrogate the survivors!
  • Locate the lair...
  • Get access to the Lair and defeat the boss to rescue Kemal!


Speaking to Dr. Abiodun about Project Umbra will result in being told Dr. Sasaya urgently needs to speak to you. After arriving in the Neoedo Dojo you find her and Carlos discussing wedding plans, and following a quick chat with Carlos, Dr. Sasaya asks for you help to rescue Kemal. She will give you some brief details about Project Umbra; Torchships (a recently invented jet-propelled version of a normal Airship), and gives you the name Ojimah, someone you may have had dealings with in the past, while pointing you towards Miyako Temple.

Ojimah is on the West side of the Temple and after talking to him, he reveals that he used to be Dr. Hamijo, the Belsoto scientist the everyone believed had died during the Telobos crash, but after watching the destruction of his creation something changed in him. He then goes on to explain that Dr. Sasaya sent you to him because he is an aeronautical expert and has been helping with Project Umbra, and then asks you to meet him back in the Nanto Labs basement.

You find Omijah and Dr. Abiodun in conversation about a rescue mission to save Kemal, a mission you are being sent on! The only issue is that you need an experienced navigator to help you pilot the Torchship, and you suggest enlisting the help of Adia Turay. Finding Adia at her house in Uhuru, but she is initially not open to the idea of listening to you, let alone helping you out. You come to the conclusion that by looking around her house, there will be something you can use to convince her to assist on your mission.

Going back to Adia you:

  • Ask her "What are you watching?"
  • Ask her "Is that Endaira II?"
  • Tell her it was filmed "In Cipanku...", at the "Pillars of the Highabove"
  • Tell her Endaira was played by "The amazing Omninesian actress...", "Visesia! She's awesome!"
  • Then tell her "I didn't know you rock-hopped!" and that "Manki taught you, right?"
  • Ask if they were partying at the "Downing Reposado in Tucma..."

Adia will be surprised you know so much about her and then challenges you to a battle in a last-ditch effort to get you to leave her alone:

Tamer Temtem Reward
Adia Turay Granpah.png Lvl. 90 Tutsu.png Lvl. 90 Nagaise.png Lvl. 90 Saku.png Lvl. 92 Barnshe.png Lvl. 90 Pigepic.png Lvl. 93 5,365Pansuns.png

After beating her, she says she will meet you at the launchpad, which has been built in Mudshire Cromlech. Speak to the Launchpad Chief and she will ask if you're ready for take off. Answering yes will take you to a new location: the Pansun, a Fiery Inferno. You are then sent to find the survivors of the Umbra-1 mission, however some of them instead challenge you to a battle:

Tamer Temtem Reward
Hopeful Scientist Hedgine.png Lvl. 75 Nidrasil.png Lvl. 80 Raize.png Lvl. 70 Broccolem.png Lvl. 70 1,021Pansuns.png
Delirious Scientist Molgu.png Lvl. 100 191Pansuns.png
Panicky Scientist Kalabyss.png Lvl. 88 Saku.png Lvl. 88 Scaravolt.png Lvl. 88 724Pansuns.png
Relieved Scientist Zaobian.png Lvl. 95 Mastione.png Lvl. 95 1,021Pansuns.png
Impatient Scientist Platimous.png Lvl. 89 Oceara.png Lvl. 89 Nessla.png Lvl. 89 803Pansuns.png
Taciturn Scientist Zenoreth.png Lvl. 94 Aohi.png Lvl. 96 375Pansuns.png
Exhausted Scientist Monkko.png Lvl. 95 Golzy.png Lvl. 95 407Pansuns.png
Curious Scientist Myx.png Lvl. 80 Nagaise.png Lvl. 80 Pocus.png Lvl. 80 Vental.png Lvl. 80 1,303Pansuns.png
Stressed Scientist Skunch.png Lvl. 98 Amphatyr.png Lvl. 98 359Pansuns.png
Twitchy Scientist Granpah.png Lvl. 97 Babawa.png Lvl. 97 414Pansuns.png
Deranged Scientist Drakash.png Lvl. 95 Raignet.png Lvl. 95 507Pansuns.png
Spooked Scientist Tateru.png Lvl. 86 Seismunch.png Lvl. 86 Zizare.png Lvl. 85 873Pansuns.png
Grateful Scientist Gharunder.png Lvl. 90 Rhoulder.png Lvl. 94 446Pansuns.png

After defeating all of the surviving scientists you return to the Umbra-2 to interrogate them for information, and they reveal a giant Temtem interfered with the mission, while also saying it appeared to be the source of Umbra energy. They also confirm the Temtem captured Kemal. The last scientist names the new Temtem Galios the Greater, Master of Umbra. Omninesian legends place this figure as the counterbalance to the goddess of Anak before sending you West to find its lair...

Before the lair you find a new figure, the Pansolar High Priestess, who warns you that the gates of the lair have been sealed for ages to contain the Umbra magic within. They then explain that breaking the seal will allow the Umbra magic to spread into the Middle Sphere; the Airborne Archipelago. Wishing you luck on your battles ahead, you are gifted 3 Spirits' Favors.

Exploring the East half of the Pansun's crust, you find more members of Pansolar order that engage you in battle:

Tamer Temtem Reward
Pansolar Devotee Nidrasil.png Lvl. 90 Mouflank.png Lvl. 90 Tortenite.png Lvl. 90 756Pansuns.png
Pansolar Worshipper 1
Pansolar Worshipper 2
Valash.png Lvl. 83 Innki.png Lvl. 84

Vulffy.png Lvl. 83 Ukama.png Lvl. 84

Pansolar Zealot Taifu.png Lvl. 80 Mushook.png Lvl. 80 Noxolotl.png Lvl. 80 Momo.png Lvl. 80 Adoroboros.png Lvl. 80 2,850Pansuns.png
Pansolar Initiate Gyalis.png Lvl. 100 Sanbi.png Lvl. 100 650Pansuns.png
Pansolar Cultist Piraniant.png Lvl. 98 Cycrox.png Lvl. 100 484Pansuns.png
Pansolar Believer Wiplump.png Lvl. 90 Owlhe.png Lvl. 90 Shaolant.png Lvl. 90 998Pansuns.png
Pansolar Acolyte 1
Pansolar Acolyte 2
Chromeon Wind.png Lvl. 84 Chromeon Electric.png Lvl. 84

Koish Mental.png Lvl. 84 Koish Fire.png Lvl. 84

Pansolar Faithful
Pansolar Faithful 2
0b10.png Lvl. 90 Osukan.png Lvl. 90

Barnshe.png Lv. 90

Pansolar Priestess Capyre.png Lvl. 100 Saipat.png Lvl. 100 614Pansuns.png

You will need to use the altars scattered around the area to unlock the lair.

After defeating the lair, Kemal will be freed, and you return to Nanto Labs for a debiefing. Ojimah and Dr. Abiodun are both excited the mission was a success and that you've returned, telling you to go and give the good news to Dr. Sasaya. The Dojo Master is just as excited, only taking a small break to tell Carlos off for not sending out wedding invitations. She expands upon her plan to develop passenger versions of the Umbra Torchships, and furthermore, that she has been able to develop a prototype Saipat Umbra radar before giving it to you to test it out in the field.